OSI Industries: Building, Directing & Connecting

OSI Industries, an American-based foodservice manufacturer, is one of the leading foodservice providers in history. This specific company is the quintessential wholesaler because it manufactures so many distinct foods. This includes fritters, cooked sausage links, panini, flatbread, onions, pizza, Tofu, bacon bits, bacon slices, pot roast, cookies, cheese, fresh dough products, tomatoes, soups, chili, beef patties and many more. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has facilities all across the U.S. OSI Industries’ facilities can be found in Iowa, in Illinois, in California, in Utah and in Wisconsin.

Thanks to its rather large size, OSI Industries has plenty of open positions that need to be filled. Since the company spans across many oceans, there is a wide range of activities that must be attended to on a daily basis. OSI is seeking people who have an interest in professional food services. These people should also be very ambitious, especially if you want to work your way up the food chain, no pun intended. Some of the positions included are forklift operators, administration agents, payroll clerks, food scientists, production supervisors, standard supervisors, maintenance mechanics and many more. OSI Industries is also an equal-opportunity employer whose employees truly drives the success of the business. The company has been in existence for over 100 years and that speaks volumes.

This particular company has won many industry-related awards, including the prestigious Globe of Honor Award in 2016. Providing excellence in environmental risk management is the name of the game and OSI has demonstrated this action more so than any other company in the field. OSI Industries has also won this exact award back in 2013 and in 2015. As you can see, this company is making big moves for the future. OSI Industries is definitely living-up to the hype by delivering great results on the ground floor.

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