ClassDojo: Creating Powerful Educational Communities and Fostering Ground-Up Change

Stephanie Smith knows that teaching can be a difficult and lonely profession. Before she became a technology coach for her school district, she would often spend entire school days without interacting with her fellow teachers. It was only when she brought technology into her classroom that she began to feel a sense of connectedness and community. Specifically, things changed when she began using ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is a classroom communication platform designed to connect teachers with students, their families and fellow educators. By allowing teachers and students to share images, videos and messages with each other and with parents, the app helps educators foster an encouraging classroom environment. Ms. Smith wasn’t surprised by the positive changes that the app brought to her classrooms, but what did surprise her was how much she gained from ClassDojo’s online community of teachers.

ClassDojo has an online community made up of tens of thousands of educators from around the globe, and this community helps brings teachers with different ideas and different experiences together. In Ms. Smith’s experience, ClassDojo’s Facebook and Twitter have become places where educators brainstorm new and innovative ways to use technology in classrooms. These online spaces are also places where teachers can seek advice on helping students dealing with learning disabilities or visual impairments, and Ms. Smith herself used the community to get advice about how to help a student who didn’t speak English.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by a group of teachers in the San Francisco Bay area, and since then it has grown into one of the fastest growing educational technology brands of all time. The secret to ClassDojo’s success is that it encourages not only academic learning, but also the development of crucial social and emotional skills. The platform allows teachers to give positive feedback to students for anything they accomplish, whether it be acing an assignment or helping out a friend.

The group behind ClassDojo is firmly dedicated to creating ground-up change that starts with students. The app gives students their own profile and portfolio that allows them to receive feedback and share accomplishments with their parents. This helps children become more engaged in learning and creates a positive classroom community, and it can be a game-changer for students who otherwise lack motivation. ClassDojo continues to be updated and refined to meet the needs of students and educators from all backgrounds, and it is currently available in over 180 different countries.

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