Igor Cornelsen Brazilian Investment Advisor Who Follows His Own Instincts

Brilliant business people come from all over the globe with a variety of skill sets, perspectives, and ideas that can change the world. Ideamensch recently sat down with Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen to discuss his career highlights, work history, and outlook on what makes him a productive entrepreneur.

Mr. Cornelsen is an investment banker with a lot of experience managing funds on the stock market. He was born in Curitiba, Brazil, one of the largest cities in ParanĂ¡. With a desire to become an engineer Igor attended the Federal University of Parana. With two years of schooling he decided to change majors to economics. He stayed at the same university, but just knew it was not the career for him. Studying to be an engineer did not go to waste because it would help him in his career as an investment banker. He graduated in 1970 ready to jump into the field of investment banking.

At Multibanco Igor was promoted to the board of directors in 1974. Due to his professional manner, hard working ethics, and excellent results Mr. Cornelsen would become Chief Executive Officer two years later. After working at Multibanco he would pursue other positions at Unibanco, Libra Bank PLC., and Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. With a solid career under his belt Igor decided to pursue the land of entrepreneurship with his own investment firm in 1995. Luckily all of his experience would help him greatly in his own business pursuits.

Each morning starts every early in which Igor Cornelsen checks the markets in Europe when they are just opening up from his home in Sao Paulo. He checks the international markets to stay on top of the market. This includes studying companies and the economics of places figure out his own portfolio. In between all this Igor attends meetings and such. One web service he uses is Reuters news and it helps keep him productive as an entrepreneur. Mr. Cornelsen does not check other markets because they can be biased and Reuters is not. They provide just the absolute facts and straightforward news. He also insists on making is own mind up about the market rather than following what others say. This was what made him a successful businessman in his own right.