New Campaign Strategies by NGP VAN

NGP VAN is campaign technology provider that is mostly associated with the Democrats and progressive campaigns. The technology makes it easy for the campaigners to plan for fundraising and communicating to a large number of people through the various social networks. The firm has been of help to thousands of individual campaigners and organizations such as labor unions. The main focus of the firm is to use the latest technology that makes the campaigns easier and more effective. Traditionally, the campaigns involved a lot of mobilization where the candidates would hire a group of people to do the work. The candidates link with their voters easily to make sure that they turn out to vote for them. The success of the 2008 and 2012 election of President Obama can be attributed to the NGP VAN software used.

The technology uses various online platforms that are accessible to millions of users to conduct their campaigns. The company has its roots in Washington DC. New and better technology is being unveiled from time to time. Therefore, the campaigners need to use the services of a firm that is constantly adjusting their technological strategies to ensure good results. One of the most effective platforms is the use of software that is compatible with the smartphones. The number of smartphone users is very high and this provides a perfect opportunity for the campaigners. Some technologies may become ineffective with time. For example, the use of radio campaigns in the 1950s gave good results as the technology was relatively new.


Daniel Kreiss wrote a book that explains the use of technology in various campaigns. The writer explains the reasons behind the massive use of digital campaign strategies by prominent candidates. He acknowledges the effectiveness of technology used during the 2008 elections in the United States. The technology used influenced millions of voters to turn out and vote for Barrack Obama. The strategy also attracted many young people. The writer acknowledges that the use of digital campaign strategies has also faced some challenges. For example, the technology may be prone to hacking by rival groups. The campaigners also require to hire professional technicians to ensure that the technology runs smoothly. He explains that the new strategies are more convenient as they make it easy to manage the voter records as they are stored in a paperless form. The services of NGP VAN are unmatched in the market as the firm is always improving to meet the needs of their clients.