The Illustrious Career of William Saito

Starting a business has become such an easy task. With the right ideas, time, and effort, a person can start a small enterprise and within several years turn it into a success. Every journey has its steps, and thus anyone aspiring to make it in the business world must be ready to learn from those who have succeeded.


William Saito is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States but originally from Japan. William has used his knowledge, skills, and experience to build several renowned corporations. Over the years, he has combined creation and investments to create successful enterprises and hence understands how the relationship works. Any upcoming entrepreneur can benefit from learning and following William’s ideas especially when it comes to startups.


According to William Saito, an entrepreneur yearning for success should create an exceptional brand message and a marketing plan for the targeted consumer. The strategy should be so unique that it gives customers the urge to learn and understand more about the product.


Business persons should prioritize marketing from the beginning of any potential project as it plays a critical role in achieving success. Marketing campaigns are more successful when businesses seek the services of marketing consultants rather than depending on employees with marketing backgrounds. Consultants have more expertise and knowledge in the sector.


William Saito believes that taking massive risks and borrowing lots of the initial capital to start a business can lead to debts which may later become unmanageable. He recommends that one can start a business by focusing on steps that will achieve a more organic natural growth with less starting capital. These methods do not only reduce risks but also help to manage the first phases of the business.


William Saito advises diversity in any businesses. For example, women lead the executive teams in 15 of his 19 companies. William is an advocate of equality, and he continues to speak against the lack of diversity in other companies in both the public and the private sector. He believes that diversity promotes balance and instills a forward-thinking mindset in the corporate.


William Saito is a significant startup investor not only in Japan but across the globe. Apart from his investment endeavors, he was an advisor to the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in matters cyber-security. At the 2011 World Economic Forum, William was recognized as a Young Global Leader and was on the list of most influential people in Japan. A list published by Nikkei.