Alex Pall and The Genius Kind of Music Creation That Only Serious Artists Can Make

How can the people feel meaningful, fulfilled and happy in a world where there’s too much animosity, cruelty and pain? How can people cope with depression and sadness and anxiety? It may be argued by the listeners of the music of The Chainsmokers that one way of coping with such challenges would be to engage with the arts, to listen to music, to watch a film and to engage with what makes us feel alive. In the interview of The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall with The Interview Magazine, listening to music is not just one way of coping with turbulent emotions. It can also be done by creating music.

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The Interview Magazine also revealed a lot about the active creative process of Pall, his adaptable writing skills, his admired reputation as an artist and the words itself of Pall that tell us how it is to live in the most inspiring way possible. Another thing that people learned from the interview is that the main goal these days of Pall and Taggart of The Chainsmokers is to make sure that they reveals themselves more in the work that they do, in the songs that they write and performances that they do in various places. Their music is also evolving and they want to make sure that each music they make envelops all the important parts of their personal lives today.


Pall also shared most of his personal life in the interview. He shared that he already as a young kid was so fascinated with the DJ life. It was his hobby to visit places and bars in New York and indulge in his love for EDM. He collaborated with other artists to arrange music that he would not have been able to do without their help and support. He also realized as a young kid that his life was already ingrained in dance music, so he might as well put his professional name and life in it.


The latest thing people can observe about Pall, too, today is that he is always pushing the boundaries of music. His music has already been authoritative in building a reputation for producing the kind of music that only serious artists can make.