Ara Chackerian’s Passion for the Healthcare Industry

The Mental Health Month, also known as the mental health awareness month is a crucial time of the year where people with mental illnesses are recognized. It was first observed by the Mental Health America Organization in 1949. Various organizations around the world sponsor events and activities with the objective of educating, assisting and informing the public as well as stakeholders in the mental health community. You can still be part of this awareness even if you don’t know anyone working with the mental health community.


One of the ways you can help people with mental illnesses is by understanding how you can be of help to them. Studies reveal that African Americans are more prone to suffering from mental health issues more than other people in the world. It is advisable that you get professional help if you notice that someone has a mental health-related problem. It is also advisable to share your mental health problem with other people so that you can educate them. Besides, it is essential in letting others know that they are traveling the journey alone.


One of the hardest challenges people with mental illnesses face is criticisms and being put down by other people because of their situations. Notably, people should avoid using sayings and languages that make them feel weak or inferior. The other most important thing you have to do is to control your mental health rather than disregard it. After all, mental health is essential for the overall health. You can visit to see more.



About Ara Chackerian

Ara is a famous business person and philanthropist based in San Francisco, California. His interest in the environment is no secret, based on his focus, such as the Limonapa Teak. It focuses on the friendly use of agricultural practices to enhance the environment rather than spoiling it. The farm also offers hundreds of job opportunities to residents of the local community. Ara Chackerian recently ventured into TSM Health Solutions together with his longtime business partner. The venture aims at enhancing the care delivery model to place the needs and interests of a patient first before those of a physician. TSM Health Solutions is making positive progress, two years after its formation. The venture offers treatment rooms and consultancy services in its 3,000 square ft. You can follow their Twitter page.


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