Jason Hope: Supporting Anti-Aging Research And IoT

Jason Hope is a technology commentator and a philanthropist. He is also a tech entrepreneur who once owned a mobile-technology company. He loves technology and usually tries to predict which technology trend will be great in the future. He has done so well in influencing the opinions of the people on different issues about technology. He is, however, precise on his projections and rarely gets its wrong. When he talks about a technology trend that will take place in the future, there is a high possibility that it will happen.

Currently, the entrepreneur has two trends that he is closely monitoring. Already one has proven to be right while the other is in advanced stages of development. The successful one is his prediction on the coming of the internet of Things and the second one is about an anti-aging drug. Let’s look at these two.

The Internet of Things is a technology that enables electronic devices to connect to communicate with each other through wireless connections. Devices can now connect, communicate and work without the intervention of human beings. The technology is still being developed and still in its early stages. In the future, the application will be so huge that almost everything will be controlled through the internet. There will be things like smart cities which will be fully controlled through IoT.

Jason Hope says that the airline industry is one of those who have embraced the new trend. Majority of the companies in this industry have increased the budget for research and innovation to explore more benefits that come with this technology.

The anti-aging drug research is the other area that Jason Hope is exploring. In this area, he is working with a research foundation known as the SENS Research Foundation headed by Aubrey de Grey. The research is aimed at giving human beings everlasting youthfulness. By reversing the effects of aging, people will be able to live healthy lives for a long time.

About Jason Hope
Jason Hope is a graduate of W.P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. He has a Master of Business Administration. Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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