Chainsmokers’ ‘Side Effects’ And What The Future Holds

Back in 2016, the Chainsmokers released “Closer“, a single that made light of numerous records that had been set before. Two years down the line, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall followed this up with a new single “Side Effects”. They had partnered with Pepsi for a show at Hollywood Palladium just before releasing the funky single. The duo took time to share the story behind the song and what fans should look forward to.

Taggart had especially enjoyed the LA show as they performed under very little pressure. They did not have to worry about being super impressive as LA is home to the duo. The fact that they had become accustomed to larger crowds did not bother them. Speaking of crowds, the duo mentioned that Canadians have offered them great reception during their tours. Their recent show in Montreal was one of the best.

Their music is highly influenced by what goes on around them. “Side Effects” was given a funky style in line with the summertime that had just kicked off. “Sick Boy” was released during winter and underlined the troubles that the duo was dealing with back then.

The new hit song also reflects the self-awareness that The Chainsmokers have placed in their music of late. They also get a lot of inspiration from how the current generation interacts with each other. The duo is conscious about technology and their writing is informed by the advances that have been seen in the last couple of years.

Their partnership with Emily Warren continues to receive backing from different quarters. They have gone to great lengths to establish chemistry with her as she brings plenty of talent to the table. Their fans should expect to see more of her over the years.

Andrew Taggart was keen to mention that the release of “Closer” was one of the turning points of their career. It brought them to a whole new level and they have no intentions of looking back. The future is full of promise for the duo who hope to continue doing their live tours.

The Chainsmokers began as a DJ’ing duo and have evolved over the years to keep up with their growing audience. They won’t put their turntable skills to bed anytime soon. They hope to continue doing that while offering more music to their loyal fans.