Doe Deere’s Journey As a Hardworking Immigrant

For millions of people around the world, USA represents an ideal life. This was not different for Doe Deere. Her dream to come to USA happened at the tender age of 17 years. Although Deere was born and raised in Xenia Vorotova (in Russia), American culture was part of her young age. She interacted with the vast fashion industry and entertainment business through music, magazines, and movies. Together with her mother and her one sister, Doe Deere made a decision to come to the USA, specifically New York to start a new life.

Like many immigrants, the flashy life in music and in magazines was different from what Deere and her family experienced. Nevertheless, it was worth a trial. During that time, New York had its own challenges. Doore believes that the city’s challenges gave her and her family a better preparation for what was going to come –a successful brand. The challenges of living in homeless shelters and having less money according to Deere were sad but she refers the experience as part of the preparation to who she is today.

Two years after landing in USA, Doe Deere and her family were able to have a home. Although according to her the home did not fit the perfect picture of a home, it was a great start for them. During this period, she was able to work on her childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The journey, however, bore fruits, eight years later when she successfully founded Lime Crime. The company is primarily a beauty company specializing in makeup products.

From 2008, the company has expanded the brand scope to accommodate more beauty products apart from makeup products. Unlike many beauty companies, Doe Deere’s company has successfully been able to experiment on different product colors aimed at different customers. As an entrepreneur and the founder of Lime Crime, Deere has been a strong believer of quality and customer’s satisfaction.

As an entrepreneur and a near future mum, the journey paints her as a visionary and a hardworking woman. As a believer of the American dream, although she is an immigrant, Doe Deere’s life is a perfect example of why self-believe and hard work is important.