Cloudwick; your Companion for Cloud Data, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security Services

About Us

Cloudwick is a firm that specializes in the provision of technology and enterprise modernization solutions and services to different companies across the globe. The firm offers services such as Cloudwick Security, CDL, and Data Lake. Over the years, the firm has successfully provided leading multinationals with the technological solutions that they need to take advantage of Cloudwick Data Lake, open source software, big data, advanced data analytics, and cloud. The company boasts of extraordinary expertise and has gained experience in scaling, architecting, and managing enterprise Data Lake, big data solutions, cloud, and advanced analytics over the years. The Data Lake provides enterprises with complete cloud modernization solutions and data analytics. The services work to enhance the rate of transformation within businesses that seek to modernize their data analytics technology.

Data Lake

Cloudwick acknowledges the challenges that today’s businesses are facing when it comes to managing big data. Today, many firms encounter a myriad of issues when dealing with the huge data that they collect from various data sources, which makes it important for such firms to find solutions to such issues. The firm provides such businesses with Data Lake services that enable them to have insights into the big data at their disposal. Data Lake is the current trend in storing and analyzing big data and seeks to address challenges that businesses face when dealing with the different data they collect.

Here is why your business should use Cloudwick Data Lake services:

  • The firm boasts of a large team of certified Spark developers who are dedicated to providing services to our clients.
  • The company has a history of helping businesses transform and develop efficient digital platforms. Working with the firm will help you take advantage of our experience and expertise in dealing with big data analytics.
  • You will enjoy access to thousands of open source software with numerous cloud production hours.
  • The firm has experience in building, monitoring, and managing big data on-premise and through cloud services.
  • The company works with certified data engineers, scientists, and administrators.