Betsy DeVos and a Calm Demeanor

Betsy DeVos is an All-American woman who has a strong following all around the United States and planet. People everywhere have been keeping close tabs on her actions for years. Her fanbase has gotten particularly strong over the past couple of years as well. That’s because she currently works as the United States’ efficient Secretary of Education for President Donald Trump. This is a job she deeply relishes, too. It’s one that she’s more than qualified to take. She’s been a diligent advocate for all kinds of causes that involve educational matters for years and years. Some of her most pressing topics include charter schools, educational choice and educational vouchers. She’s not the only individual in her immediate family who cares about these subjects, either. She’s married to Dick DeVos, a man who happens to be the creator of the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This high school is a charter school that’s situated at the airport in the large Midwestern city. It revolves around aviation and is geared toward young and bright-eyed individuals who are looking to go for lifelong vocations as pilots. There are also many pupils in the school who wish to go after similar positions.


DeVos is a major player within the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The name of the charitable non-profit organization serves as strong and undeniable confirmation of that as well. She helped make the group come to fruition in the late eighties. She did so alongside her husband. Betsy and Dick have been employing the organization for their charitable donations for many years now. It caters to causes like poverty, education, culture, the arts and beyond. Philanthropy and charity have been two things that have always appealed greatly to the generous duo. They’re parents who have a lot of regard for families that are dire financial situations. They’re individuals who want to ensure that children all across the United States are able to get educations that are in line with their futures and skills.


DeVos puts a lot of time into traveling around the United States. She’s not necessarily traveling the lovely and vast nation for leisure and recreation, however. She headed over to Miami, Florida to go to a charter school event in the city. Pitbull is a widely known American rap superstar who also happened to be there right next to her. He’s redolent of DeVos in that he also has a deep and consistent commitment to the charter school cause. The two public figures were onstage talking about their hopes with regard to the future of charter schools in the United States. The audience listened to their words in great detail, too.


DeVos is a person who has always practiced the art of calmness. She doesn’t raise her voice or behave in an uncontrolled manner when she hears things that she doesn’t like. She contemplates all of her actions in a composed and serene manner. That may be why people hold her in such high esteem.


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