WEN Is A Win For Dry Hair Sufferers

WEN by Chaz is designed for individuals who are experiencing dry, brittle, unmanageable hair and are in need of a gentle boost in moisturization and nutrients. WEN’s product sales focus on marketing to individuals that are dissatisfied with ordinary shampoo and conditioner results, are looking for an alternative. It removes the need for sulfates, which a primary component of typical shampoos and conditioners found in the market.

It takes out the complicated ingredients and focuses on keeping its products simple-adding moisture, shine, and an overall healthy appearance to dry and damaged hair follicles. WEN was created to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. WEN prides itself on being a mostly all natural hair care product. The majority of WEN products contain herbal extracts, alcohols, shea butter, and oils.

In their IG page, currently, in Comes in three scents, pomegranate, and lavender. WEN.com is featuring a new seasonal scent called Fall Tuscan Pear, for a limited time. Many of the ingredients are structurally designed to pull moisture into the hair follicle and lock it in. While other focus on promoting overall hair follicle strength. Also because the ingredients are gentler on hair, any hair type can use WEN products and experience the benefits, in addition to a greater sense of hair manageability. It is important to remember that hair loss could be a primary indicator of a severe health condition, and most hair care products on the market, including WEN, are not designed explicitly to address these issues. No ingredients in WEN is formulated to prevent hair loss, only to assist with moisture retention. Need Wen? Order online thru eBay.com or Amazon.com today.