SoftBank branches out by acquiring Fortress Investment Group

When it comes to investment, an acquisition is crucial, and it makes sense. For a company to continue expanding its services, it can acquire others so that it can continue expanding its services in the right way. Although acquisitions may not make a lot of sense to the outside world sometimes, it means a lot to the companies involved. That is why it was crucial for SoftBank to acquire Fortress Investment Group. The company approved the deal in July 2017, and in December 2017 the $3.3 billion deal became official. Many people would want to know why a company focusing on internet startups would be interested in acquiring Fortress. Visit

By looking at the history of the two firms, you would know why their deal makes sense in the investment world. The two organizations have been consistent in looking areas expand. The companies have also proved their interest when it comes to re-branding for the years they have been in the industry. Softbank started as a wholesaler of PC software, but today it has stakes in over 400 companies. The two companies provide a wide range of services. They provide internet, telecommunication, broadband and tech services. By acquiring Fortress Investment Group, Softbank has shown it has the intention to become one of the biggest investment organizations in the world.

Since its inception, Fortress Investment Group has been willing to shift in different ways and adapt to the modern business environment. That is how the organization has managed to remain competitive in a world where the business environment is continually changing. The firm started with a humble background. Great entrepreneurs met in 1998 and decided to form a company that would offer unique and outstanding financial services to their customers. The company was born, and they focused on private equity, hedge funds and real estate. Today the institution has expanded to become a global one.

SoftBank focused on acquiring international recognition, and they had to look for a company that would enable them to achieve their goal. To achieve such a vision the company needed to have a structure that would facilitate compliance, trading and investor relation. That is why they acquired Fortress Investment Group because it is the best organization to help them achieve their goals. Read more on