Steve Ritchie: Bringing People Together For A Common Cause

In today’s world, companies of all sizes need to emphasize diversity and inclusion to remain strong and profitable. This concept has been embraced wholeheartedly by Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie, who despite being in charge only a few months has helped developed a diversity and inclusion program that other companies are expected to emulate in the coming years.

Determined to bring people together for a common cause, Steve Ritchie has decided to take his case for diversity and inclusion directly to those it affects most, namely the employees, franchise owners, and customers of Papa John’s Pizza. Assembling a team of company executives handpicked by Steve Ritchie, the company has sent this team, including Ritchie himself, across the country to meet with Papa John’s franchisees, employees, and customers in an effort to determine the company’s various strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, Steve Ritchie feels having one-on-one conversations in the restaurant setting will not only put franchisees, employees, and customers at ease, but also allow company executives to see firsthand how daily operations and the company’s current culture are working among various groups.

Along with these conversations that span coast-to-coast, Steve Ritchie has worked with various Papa John’s executives and community leaders to come up with two major initiatives aimed at improving inclusion and diversity within the company. To start with, Papa John’s will be paying particular attention to its development program for minority-owned franchise expansion, which will make it easier for minorities to become franchisees with Papa John’s. Along with this, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s also announced recently the creation of a community foundation. With this organization, Papa John’s will be able to not only invest company resources into developing additional franchises around the country, but also invest heavily in helping communities where Papa John’s employees live and work become stronger in numerous ways.

By choosing to invest in localities as well as those who may be wanting to become franchisees or team members at a local Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie believes diversity and inclusion will become a big part of the company’s success in the years ahead.