Glenn Schlossberg with his enlightened vision

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and principal of a group named Jump Design Group. In 1990, he founded Jump Apparel, and since then Glenn Schlossberg has revolutionized, improvised and modernized fashion industry. He pays equal credit to his crew and feels proud that his team keenly works to collaborate, cooperate, design, produce and deliver garments which are quality enriched. He entered the fashion industry partly because his family was into it and partly because he had a passion for this work. Glen Schlossberg took professional education from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. His goal was to produce clothes at a rapid pace which have high quality and are cheaper than the market value.

Jump Design Group portrays the runway trends of females and then produces them with the help of fast turn American production. They do not forget to incorporate their design team and perfect art and creativity. Jump Design Group has been working for almost 30 years, and now they are at that stage where they have perfected and have excelled in delivering the best quality as quickly as possible. Even their retailer partners trust this team and highly encourage whenever Jump Design Group comes up with new ideas and creativity. Also, most of the times, the new idea always brings a lot of success. Jump Design Group equally takes care of their retailers and make sure they get a fair amount of money.

Glenn Schlossberg and co-launched Apparel with the objective of producing and delivering clothes made up of extra quality stuff and with high speed within the deadline as compared to the rest of the fashion industry. Under the management of Glen Schlossberg, Jump Design Group has become a leader in designing, producing and delivering high quality and unique dresses at reasonable and economical prices.

Gowns, fancy dresses and other stylish clothes of Jump Design Group are sold out at brick-and-mortar stores. They also sell their stock online on different platforms like Macy’s, QVC, Nordstrom, Amazon and Lord & Taylor. Glen Schlossberg has developed an amazing firm which on average, sales 5.5 million garments per year and values every customer and employee. Check out Jump Design Group’s Facebook page for more information.



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