Fortress Investment Group-Dedicated to Asset Management

In 1998 Fortress Investment Group launched and was founded by Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. The company is focused specifically in investments that deal with cash flow generating assets and businesses that are based in assets. The private equity team of the company brings a lot to the table such as expertise and experience.

The various private equity investments of the company include the areas of transportation, healthcare, energy, and infrastructure. In the financial services sector of the company, they offer non-regulated financial institutions and assets and are focused primarily on sourcing investment opportunities.

Fortress Investment Group company is focused on obtaining undermanaged assets that have the promise of long-term cash flow and any possible development projects. The company is focused on the conversion of natural gas to oil and in the area of healthcare, Fortress Investment Group is looking for better and more affordable healthcare options to invest in.

According to one of the founders of the company, Wes Edens, they are an exceptional company that has very strong growth dynamics. Fortress Investment Group can deliver the desired performance in some of the largest investments, and the company has an eye for potential opportunities and sees the future that is complete with plenty of value creation in their funds.

Fortress Investment Group has asset-based business all over the world including the Caribbean, Western Europe, and North America. They work with hands-on management and are open to an array of investment opportunities that show potential and promise.

The company covers the main points of investment strategies including value-orientated investing and tolerance for complexity, intensive investment management, and a flexible approach. They also offer investing for growth and in all of the decision-making processes from the beginning to the end of any investment transaction. Their private equity team is experienced in both the public and capital markets.

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