Expert Adviser Paul Mampilly Presents Facts To Validate His 2019 Business Predictions

Reliable advice based on facts is indispensable in financial planning and for building a profitable and safe investment portfolios. For nearly eight years, Senior Editor and Expert Adviser Paul Mampilly continues to attract followers including influential and common investors with an interest in stocks and commodities. He came from his native homeland, India to the United States and earned a master’s degree, then found employment on Wall Street. He served as assistant and senior portfolio manager and senior research analyst for a variety of banking and investment firms before going on a different career path. Paul Mampilly used his prior experience and knowledge in investment management to become an author and entrepreneur.

In 2011, he pursued a career as an author and analyst for Common Sense Publishing and two years later, started his consulting firm. Today, he is Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing and writes newsletters advising his subscribers on investment predictions based on economic facts and indicators. Early in December 2018, Paul made his 2019 predictions for small, medium-sized, and large businesses, in an article on Gazette. He observed the constant growth of smart speakers in the US for performing online searches by voice rather than text. Emerging technologies, such as Echo by Amazon and Google Home are continuously expanding in homes and businesses. There are profitable possibilities in investments in this industry based on those facts.

Another prediction of Paul Mampilly is consumer location technology changing the way companies market their products and services using location services and map applications. All sizes of businesses are using voice search and location technologies to attract more customers and increase revenue. Another focus of Paul Mampilly for businesses is in politics. He said in his financial newsletter that the Trump Administration’s decision on deregulation policies is favorable for American companies. Along with the polices, he expects business favoritism after the Democrats won the mid-term elections in 2018. Based on the facts and his business observation, this year is the time to explore investment opportunities in rising technologies and ESG (Environment, Social and Government). Paul predicts ESG investments will double by year-end 2019.