Sunday Riley : The Woman Behind One Of The Fastest Growing Beauty Brands

It’s no secret, Sunday Riley Products are a hit and social media cannot stop talking about it, from her highly successful “Luna” night cream to “Good Genes” Sunday Riley is and its fans are here to stay. Although Sunday Riley has created a cult following not many people know much about Sunday Riley the woman. In a recent interview with this Texan entrepreneur, we got to go in-depth with the woman behind one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the industry.

What led you to start your own beauty brand?

Sunday Riley mentions that at the time before her brand there was a real hole in the what she calls “Green Technology” within the beauty industry. What this means is that there was a lack of botanicals ingredients within products. Sunday Riley’s saying was always that she wanted to live to 130 without looking 90, however, science-based ingredients only products would not get those results.

Are you a professional chemist?

Riley states that most of her knowledge and skills come from field experiments, trial and error and essentially attempting to make her next product better than her previous. In addition, Riley comments that her thought process before even beginning to test is stopping and asking herself what the product means to her, what it will do for people and how it will affect them.

Which of your products is your favorite?

All of them, says Sunday Riley. And if for some reason she believes that she can do better on an existing product she will not hesitate on cutting that product from the line and starting over until she gets it right.

Have you ever thought about making a hair-product?

In a heartbeat, says Sunday Riley. She goes on to say that she loves the hair genre and is currently very interested in creating a product for her brand.