A look at Michael Nierenberg profile

At New Residential Investment Corp, Michael Nierenberg holds several positions including that of chief executive officer. He is also the company’s president and chairman, roles that he has held for more than three years. His appointment to head the board in 2016 came at the backdrop of success in other positions at the company. For instance, he served as the head of global mortgages, a position that he held while working at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He is a successful leader who has had a lot of influence in the financial circles.

Heading securities divisions

Before joining the Bank of America in 2008, Michael Nierenberg had served as the head of JP Morgan’s global securities division. It was during this time that he showcased his ability to provide sound advice when it comes to investment in stocks. His investment strategies helped the company to make a lot of profits and expand into new markets. He was also setting the stage for appointment to senior positions and after that, he was the target of many companies that wanted to improve their operations.

Managing mortgages

During his illustrious career, Michael Nierenberg proved a resourceful leader when leading mortgage departments at various companies. He was tasked with working with clients from all over the world, a job that he performed to satisfaction. His abilities to coordinate a lot of offices and provide a good strategy to help customers finance mortgages earned his a name among the most influential financial advisers. In addition to that, he provided the direction when the companies were looking for better ways to manage debts.

After gaining experience in managing mortgages and financing debts, it was time for Michael Nirenberg to explore other opportunities. His next task was to manage foreign exchange and interest rates. He was also tasked with reviewing the revenues that the companies generated through interest rates and foreign exchange. His knowledge of the stock markets gave him an advantage and that is the reason he was able to surpass the expectations of the organizations that worked with him. Working with investment banks, Michael got a lot of experience in this department. He now focuses on devising new ways to make his company a leader in the industry.

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