The Status of Gold in the Market: US Money Reserve

The US Reserve is USA’s most trusted supplier and provider of US issued standard gold coins. The US Money Reserve aims to provide their clients with the highest quality of service that they can possibly provide.

The US Market and Economy is currently experiencing a period of high volatility and the behavior of the market is highly dynamic. This is caused by political movement and current events that are happening all around the world. Because of the high volatility of the market, a lot of people are now concerned on how to protect their assets during these times.

A lot of people are also considering gold as an asset to invest in to protect their wealth. Gold has always been a safe choice when it comes to investing because it almost never depreciates, and it holds a stable position in the market. Because of the interest of people in gold all of a sudden, the US Reserve has released a forecast on how gold will perform in the market this year and in the following year.

The market’s last crucial breakdown is now more than ten years ago, and a lot of financial analysts and economic experts are alarmed that the market might be headed to another recession.

Last year, the trend followed high housing prices, continuously increasing government spending, a rising gross domestic product and record stock products. Because of this, a lot of the big names in Wall Street are starting to seek gold investments to resist the pressures of the volatile market and to curb from recession.

The Federal Policy will play a huge role on how the market will perform, because they hold the power of sparking growth by lowering the interest rates so that money will flow better. When the Federal Reserve lowers the rates of interest, there will be a bigger chance of people borrowing money and other buyers can take a more active role in the industry.  Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | PR Newswire

Although, the power of the Federal Reserve has its limits as well, they have to perfectly time the rise and fall of interest rates to gain control of the behavior of the market. The federal reserve and its funds hold great power on how money behaves in the market because they have a direct effect on equity loans, bank loans, interest rates, up to credit card rates.

If the hikes of the Federal Reserve continuous, the market may be facing higher home prices and less opportunities of borrowing money at a lower rate.

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