Sandy Chin’s Five Tips For Successful Mentorship

Sandy Chin has over two decades of experience as an investment management professional and has had considerable success over her career. She first graduated from Barnard College with a degree in Political Science in 2006 before embarking on her career. Over this time she went from success to success, moving across a variety of companies in a few key roles. This led to Sandy Chin being the founder and portfolio manager of the hedge fund Tidal Bore Capital, which she set up in 2006.

The core thing that has helped Ms. Chin throughout her career is the idea of mentorship, and she wouldn’t be where she is without it; in fact, she co-founded Tidal Bore Capital alongside her mentor William “Bill” Leach. Because of this, Sandy Chin has a few tips for developing a successful mentorship relationship. The first of these is just how many lessons a mentor can provide, especially for recent college graduates. Ms. Chin has said that having a mentor can help you navigate an industry, especially something as complex as the finance industry. Having a mentor would mean that recent graduates will have someone to show them the ropes and climb the career ladder.

Secondly, Sandy Chin has said that mentors can provide the skills and knowledge that are crucial to advancing in the industry; many of these would normally take years to attain if not for a mentor. Because of that, many recent graduates that learn these skills and lessons a lot faster than they would have without such a mentor. This was on show between Ms. Chin and Bill Leach, as much of his approach was passed on and helped her develop a strong investment portfolio. Thirdly, Sandy Chin has said that mentors can provide contacts that end up proving essential to new business and career opportunities. While these may not be evident straight away, they can be vital several years down the line.

This can prove critical in helping a recent graduate gain a footing in the industry. Fourthly, Sandy Chin mentioned that mentors could accurately answer the questions you have about how to succeed in your industry. After all, your mentor already knows how to make themselves a success in your industry, so they’ll be in the best position possible to answer those questions. Because of that, it’s always important to ask questions regularly and get detailed answers. Lastly, Sandy Chin has said that mentors can help you avoid the pitfalls they made in their career. This can help you avoid many costly mistakes throughout your career. They can also do this while still passing on the lessons they made from these mistakes. Because of that, mentors can be the fastest way to learn the crucial skills needed in your industry. To learn more about Sandy Chin visit