Richard Liu Qiangdong’s Path to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Richard Liu is the Chief executive officer and the founder of one of the largest online retail platforms in China today, However, before he became the successful entrepreneur he is today, he had numerous other business that failed; but this did not deter him from establishing a successful company like His journey to becoming an online retailer began when he was in the Renmin University of China studying sociology. He spent his time in the university honing his skills in computers, and one of the things he became extremely excellent at is programming. This skills helped him not only venture into freelance coding work, but also secure a two-year tenure working as a director for computers after he graduated.

But it was in 1998 where Richard Liu decided to quit formal employment and try his hand at being a businessperson. He started by opening a shop that dealt with the sell of magneto-optical products. He named his business Jingdong, which is a combination of his girlfriend then and his name. The business grew, and he was able to expand it to 12 stores in 2003. But it is during that year that a SARS outbreak began. The SARS outbreak forced his customers and staff to remain indoors, and this threatened the future of his business.

After the outbreak was over, Richard Liu Qiangdong began to reconsider the mortar of his business model, and it was during this period that was born. By 2005, Richard Liu had already started to shutter all his stores, and he began to pay full attention to the e-commerce platform. The success of his e-commerce platform came from selling a myriad of entirely top-quality consumer goods. This not only made his services authentic, but they also made it unique from other e-commerce platforms. Throughout the years, has grown, and it has slowly helped place on the world’s map officially. The company’s growth has not only attracted significant alliances from other international brands, but it has also made the world more curious about Richard Liu. His recognition has not only established him as a successful businessman, but also an individual who never gives up even when faced with impossibilities.