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Robert Bull, also known as Bob Bull, is the chief executive officer of RoyaleLife. This venture specializes in providing affordable single-story housing solutions, particularly for people beyond forty-five years, a group that mainly consists of retirees. Due to the pandemic, a state of uncertainty has engulfed the entire world, which has not been easy, especially for the aged. Transitioning from employment to retirement can be quite an arduous experience. The strain is what Bob Bull, through RoyaleLife, seeks to mitigate.

Royale Life has redefined bungalow living into an affordable and luxurious lifestyle never known before. Robert Bull saw a gap in the rising demand for single-story buildings among people aged 45 years and above and sought to seal it. The gap emanated from a shift by traditional house developers from bungalows to a focus on apartments and family homes.

One of the major selling points for Royale Life bungalows is that they are conveniently affordable and luxurious at the same time. The cost of maintaining or managing a bungalow is much lower compared to apartments and story building. The retirees are given the room to do away with unnecessary extra space and occupying just what is enough for them. Bungalows are also ideal for the elderly as they eliminate the strain of going up and down the stairs.

RoyaleLife Home Part Exchange program has also become a hot cake for many. The program allows one to downsize into a more convenient space without losing property ownership. Clients who sell their homes through Royale Life enjoy a risk-free transaction and sell at the prevailing market rates. The extra of what the home is worth compared to Royale Life bungalows go to the customer in cash. The program, therefore, helps free up cash for its clients, which help them plan their retirement life. Under the leadership of Robert Bull, the company has expanded into different regions in the UK such as Dorset, Cornwell, and Kent, with more than sixty developments.

Robert Bull is out to change your idea of a bungalow. The designer of hand-crafted bungalows is setting up shop in the Philippines, hoping to offer a new design aesthetic and experience for the owner.

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