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With the emergence of trends and issues in every sector, a Kansas City firm has not been left behind. They revealed that they are integrating their Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management with customer relationship management to enable their cloud-based salesforce to implement Field Inventory Management applications. Furthermore, the salesforce will integrate accurate data of all the tools and equipment and any other inventory of service work orders.

To ensure that everything is functioning well in the salesforce Customer Relations Management, DSI Global is integrating its cloud-based platform that enables users to get information of the tools and inventory in the field and their status in real-time for Salesforce users. The field technicians update the status of a work order using this application, where data entered is spread to the Customer Relationship Management, where all customers respond on a timely basis with accurate access to data.

Cloud Inventory has created a single point where activities can be controlled across all the platforms. This involves the manning of operations in the warehouse and the distribution facilities. Furthermore, it helps you control the field operations and implement things. However, in the manufacturing sector, it aids in controlling inventory issued and the one returned to stock. It has made work easier and more efficient, and cost-effective.

In an overview, cloud inventory has come along with multiple advantages to the firms that have embraced it. It has become easy for employees to adhere to the company’s rules and regulations, making the workers more productive, resulting in an aggregate increase in production. Increased production has led to increased revenue generation, maximizing order fulfillment, and streamlining your processes. Furthermore, one can be able to adjust the movement of records both inside and outside.

Combining these two innovations has led to the great success of the supply chain management and the product segments. This is undoubtedly great progress that firms that have embraced it are enjoying Click here for more information.


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