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One of the single most important qualities that people need to have in life is being willing to be as determined as possible. This is something that Betsy DeVos learned early on in her life. She has shown that it is possible to stand up and speak out. That is why she has been chosen to be the face of American educational policy under the Donald J. Trump administration. Her work has enabled her to show that people, even those without a traditional background in the field, have been able to make a difference and take on a useful leadership role. That is what she is proud to have done in her life and her career. It is what she still plans to do as she looks the future. She is someone who is pleased to show that determination means something. Many people understandably see her as someone they can emulate.


Determination in Life


Determination has been the hallmark of her work in the field of high level government advocacy. Her work has helped show that people can make a difference as long as they choose to persist. In the last decade alone, she points to the many things she has done to help make the American educational system far more responsive to the needs of Americans. In doing so, she shows that people can be part of a system and stand up for their innate rights. Her love of what she does is obvious at every turn. She has been the Secretary of Education in the Trump administration. That role allowed her to speak out about issues that she believes to be of importance to the American public when it comes to the education of their children. Her work has paid off with lots of necessary changes.


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