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Dr Alddo Molinar is widely regarded as one of the best doctors in the country, with exceptional care and rapport with patients. As a board certified anesthesiologist, he has many years of experience that allow him to provide unparalleled medical care for all your needs. Alddo Molinar has been widely regarded as a top practitioner in his field, and is committed to personalized patient care, education, and professional development. 


As a physician, Alddo Molinar wants to help people feel their best, and as an anesthesiologist, he does this by making sure that the right amount of anesthesia is given during surgery so that patients are comfortable and at ease.


The doctor’s experience


Dr Alddo Molinar, anesthesiologist, came to Southern Ohio from El Paso, Texas, following an illness in his family. As a member of the Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Anesthesia Team, the doctor Alddo Molinar has delivered more than 2,200 babies. He’s no stranger to humanitarian missions, having recently traveled to Haiti to assist with pediatric anesthesiology.

Alddo Molinar Anesthesiologist in Ohio

Future of industry


More patients are experiencing the advantages of non-surgical, minimally invasive solutions such as cryoablation and there is a worldwide shortage of minimally-invasive physicians to perform these procedures. The need for well-trained physicians such as Alddo Molinar capable of performing these procedures in these areas is at a critical stage. He looks forward to serving the area and working closely with other area anesthesiologists, physicians and the citizens of the region who can be at any time of the year, especially during the holiday season, feeling comfortable and cared for, even when in need of an anesthesiologist.


Role of technology

In the past two decades, the field of anesthesia has shifted away from the traditional teaching model, moving to a modern model where it is now possible for the general public to receive lessons on anesthetic skills. But technology is also being embraced. New technologies such as anesthetic bots and VR procedures can be utilized to provide training to a greater number of people. With the technological advances in anesthesia and with a large amount of state-of-the-art machines, Alddo Molinar has all of the necessary equipment and medicine necessary to provide the best care possible to our patients.