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Most people panicked when different countries started registering high covid-19 infections. Only healthcare professionals understood better about the virus and the best measures people could take to prevent more infections. Therefore, many business people started seeking advice from trained healthcare officials to know whether it was safe to continue operating their businesses.

Doctors advised business owners to close down their companies for some time to prevent infections amongst clients and employees. After the announcement, Edgard Corona, the Bio Ritmo founder, decided to close down all SmartFit gyms in different countries. That was the best strategy to keep his workers and consumers safe.

However, it affected their lives significantly because workers had to stop working for some time. On the other hand, clients had to look for other ways to keep fit, including working out at home. Luckily, Edgard Corona decided to start an online fitness program to ensure that clients who exercised at home got professional assistance. As a result, many affected clients immediately enrolled in the program and have been working out since then.

SmartFit is one of the gym companies with the highest number of gymnasiums globally, and Edgard planned to increase the number of fitness center to ensure that all their clients had ample workout spaces. However, after the pandemic threatened to take the lives of his workers and visitors, Corona decided to use some of the development money to protect everyone who visited his gyms in different countries. As a result, Edgard had to reschedule his plans to allow himself time to put together enough funds. Refer to this page for additional information.

Edgard Corona hopes that he will get all the resources he requires for his project because he plans to reopen his company soon. In addition, he has learned how clients and workers can protect themselves even when they gather in public. Therefore, he plans to share the information with all gym managers to ensure that no one contracts the covid-19 virus in any of their gymnasiums.