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Haroldo Jacobovicz’s career focused on changing technologies around the world. He founded and chaired different telecommunications companies, which provided him with the skills and expertise to transform the technologies. Since he was young, Haroldo understood the advantages that entrepreneurship gets from technology.

In 1982, when Haroldo Jacobovicz was in the university, he collaborated with his three friends to open a Microsystem company. The firm worked with others to provide them with the knowledge to improve their inventory management skills. Unfortunately, Microsystem did not stay for a long time in operation. However, Mr. Jacobovicz learned many lessons from it. The lessons would be helpful to him while working in the information technology sector in the future.

All the Brazilian companies that Haroldo Jacobovicz worked in changed the lives of the country’s residents. He later worked at Esso, where he served as the market analyst and later the commercial strategist. He worked at different companies in their financial departments. From the many positions he held in different firms, Jacobovicz gained expertise that helped him transform every company that employed him.

Haroldo Jacobovicz used the skills and experience to start his own companies, one of them being Horizon Telecom. It is one of the most popular companies in Brazil that sells 100% fiber-optic network and quality information technology equipment to its customers. He started Datacenter in 2020 after learning about the new technologies available in the market.

The company provides cloud-computing services to others all over Brazil. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s’ parents worked as civil engineers in Brazil. When he was young, Haroldo Jacobovicz watched what his parents did and decided to follow their example after growing up.

He worked hard in school, got admission to the Federal University of Parana, and graduated with a civil engineering degree. When studying at the university, Mr. Jacobovicz got interested in information technology, which helped him become what he is today. In 2020, Horizon Telecom purchased Onda, an internet-providing company. Horizon uses Datacenter services to digitalize today’s market for the benefit of society.