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The San Diego business landscape is constantly evolving as a tech-savvy and fast-growing region. Amidst this rapid change, tenants that occupy office space in the area face new challenges and opportunities. In addition to high construction management taxes and a tight housing market, companies must also navigate rapidly changing commercial construction management trends that favor short-term leases, co-working spaces, and other non-traditional office setups. To meet the needs of tenants across all industries in San Diego County, Hughes Marino recently launched its first market-specific subsidiary firm: 


Hughes Marino – The Leading Firm for Corporate Tenants. This new entity provides local businesses with a dedicated team of specialists who understand corporate tenants’ unique challenges when leasing or selling office space in this dynamic market.


Expertise for the discerning San Diego tenant


Hughes Marino – The Leading Firm for Corporate Tenants offers a customized approach to each client, regardless of the size of their company or the type of office space being leased. This specialized approach from Hughes Marino includes:

  • A dedicated team for local tenants, including a senior leasing agent who leads the firm’s San Diego business.
  • A simple process and proven methodology take the guesswork out of the leasing or sales process.
  • A transparent and collaborative approach ensures each client gets the best outcome possible.
  • At Hughes Marino, we enjoy extensive market knowledge derived from being in the San Diego County market for over 30 years – A hands-on, client-focused approach ensures each client receives personalized attention.

As a market specialist firm, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm is well-positioned to meet the leasing and sales needs of clients in San Diego County. With a dedicated team focused solely on tenants in this market, the firm can provide a customized approach to each client and take the time necessary to understand their unique needs.