The Many Successes of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is well-known for his entreprenurial instincts and investing acumen. He is great at handling investments that emerge from unusual circumstances. Today, he is the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital. Adrangi helped launch Kerrisdale in 2009. At the time, the firm was operating with less than $1 million. As of mid-2017, this firm managed over $100 million. Sahm Adrangi, whiz kid, helped drive Kerrisdale to incredible success. Clearly, he has what it takes to make it big. But how did he develop these skills?

Adrangi started out in the world of credit. In a career spanning just over a decade, he has already made a name for himself in a big way. He worked for Deutsche Banke and Chanin Capital Partners. At Chanin, he consulted with creditors in bankruptcy restructuring proceedings. Adrangi’s work as an analyst at Longacre Fund Management helped make him famous. Much of the research he conducted uncovered extremely important information about market trends and investing.

Finally, he emerged as an activist investor. The early 2000s were a big time for investments in Asia, Latin America and Africa. At that time, Sahm Adrangi became famous for helping expose crooked companies operating in the developing world. His work was important in protecting other investors. Some of the problematic companies he identified, like ChinaCast Education Corp, even faced disciplinary action from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and more information click here.

Sahm Adrangi has one of the finest minds in the world of finance. Educated at Yale University, he majored in economics. It was clear from a young age that Sahm Adrangi was going places. He’s not only intelligent, he’s also a great communicator. Adrangi has become a sought-after public speaker for many conferences. With his wide range of skills and endless curiosity, it will be interesting to see what he does next, and his Linkedin.

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George Soros Contributions Benefit Communities and Great Causes for Four Decades

There is only one way to describe investor and billionaire George Soros. He is a giver. George has been a wealthy man ever since his seemingly lucky break with the decision to purchase the $10 billion valued British pound sterling, in 1992, which left him a billion dollar profit.

Since that time, George has shown a great effort to seemingly rid himself of his billions. As a successful investor and with knowledge that he received from the London School of Economics, George Soros continued to build on his fortune, but never forgetting those in society who are in need of help. This past October, George made it abundantly clear to everyone in society that his intent is to be of service, and to use his wealth for the greater good of all mankind. George announced that he was donating $18 billion of his $23 billion net worth to the Open Society Foundations; a charitable organization that he founded in 1979.

With the $18 billion donated, George is known as the world’s largest single donor to give money to a charitable organization. It’s a badge of honor that George was not seeking when he made the decision, but it is an unmistakable historic moment for himself and those who accept that his service to cultures all around the world are better because of the strategic giving of his wealth.

Through the years, George has participated in an abundant of societal causes to benefit the lives of others. Throughout his 87-year life, George has contributed to thousands of organizations and numerous cultures internationally.

George has given a life of service and money for:

  • Fundraising for Charitable Causes
  • International Affairs/Development
  • Philanthropy Efforts
  • Civil Rights Organizations
  • Women’s Rights Groups
  • LGBTQ Alliance Organizations
  • Social Justice Awareness
  • Political Causes/Campaigns
  • Call to Action Efforts
  • Inner-city Schools and Education Programs

George is arguably the most philanthropic person in the world. He’s given over $11 billion to charitable organizations as well as over $650 million to support human rights groups specifically. His political contributions amounted to $24 million in 2004 and close to $10 million during the 2016 election. He’s given to public education in the amount of $35 million. George has promoted social justice and inclusion, for decades. However, due to some right-wing conspiracies, his actions have fallen on a lower level of understanding for compassionate giving.

George was born during the time when there was a world full of destruction because of World War II. Being born Jewish in the world full of Nazi occupation, and the incomprehensible hopelessness that plagued him during that time, George was able to rise above a despairing situation to build not only strength and courage, but to have compassion for others by serving a greater cause. It’s befitting that the wealth that George has been able to maintain for four decades would be bestowed upon a man like him.

The $18 billion endowment donated to Open Society Foundations ranks it as the second-largest nonprofit organization throughout the entire world.

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Ricardo Tosto is a Highly Talented Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in Brazil who has earned a reputation for himself. He owns a popular and highly respected law firm in Brazil. This is the Leite Tosto e Barros law firm.

Ricardo Tosto is a highly experienced person. He has a lot of experience in several business-related fields. This is because he has represented a number of clients. Also, he has won several awards. He is a publisher of several articles on the Brazil law. His achievements will be an integral part of the history of Brazilian law. This is because Ricardo Tosto has helped to create policies that have deeply influenced the laws. He has played several other roles too. This includes helping in dispute resolution and such other issues.

There are a large number of lawyers in Brazil. One of them is Ricardo Tosto. He has offices in Rio de Janeiro as well as Sao Paulo. There are nearly five hundred thousand lawyers in Brazil. The country has strict rules and regulations for becoming a lawyer. It includes at least five years of education at the University. Then an examination called the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil has to be cleared after graduation in order to become a lawyer. A thorough process has to be followed in order to get registered in the Brazilian Gazette. To know more about him click here.

Brazil is governed by the Federal Law as well as State Laws. The Federal Law is considered higher than the State Law since that is the country’s Constitution.

It is easy to find the Brazilian lawyers online. This way it is easy to find a good lawyer. This is why Leite, Tosto e Barros, is a good option while looking for a well-reputed lawyer. He has represented the government as well as several non-governmental organizations, besides politicians too. He has earned a lot of respect as he has won most of his cases.

Ricardo Tosto is supported by a dedicated and hard-working team. They look towards him for providing directions. He crafts the strategies of his firm. He likes to train and motivate his employees and hence, earns their respect.


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A Handful for Donations and Up $32 Billion

How The Contributions Of George Soros Makes Sense

It’s best to put the work of George Soros into perspective. What’s occurring is beyond what our eyes can see, what our ears can hear and beyond what emotions can tell us in the market. The contributions being made by George Soros is clear evidence of a perspective that can give $18 billion with ease.

This perspective is one that Mr. Soros stands on and continues to leverage while making his impact within the globe and its expansion. Here’s a perspective where the contributions made by George Soros make sense. Better understanding the real value of $18 billion starts with better understanding George in whole.

There’s A Larger Plan And More Money To Make

The dynamic behind how George Soros is diversifying his wealth shows a common pattern regarding him as an investor. George is known as the single person alive who could break the bank of England. He goes down in history for an outstanding trade that generated over 1 billion dollars in a day. We remember that day also.

The accomplishments of those very moments brought a major overhaul and plan that Mr. Soros still applies to this moment. That approach begins with winning big and using the currency markets as a successful source of reliable cash. The game-plan that inevitably comes is one that can leverage an 18 billion-dollar donation.

The Rest Is A Total Of $32 Billion For A Lifetime Advance

The combination of actions seen in the media regarding George Soros puts his total-life given up to $32 billion. The accomplishment is outstanding as the single donation of $18 billion is the largest of its kind given to the Open Society Foundations. The agency is now managing its process for transition.

The firm works with world democracy and in redeveloping social change or the change that comes as a result of war. These redevelopments for a larger democratic order gives the agency tremendous work. The $18 billion it received from George Soros will also put a lot more into the hands of society.

A Different Financial Perspective Of $18 Billion

There’s another side to every factor we have regarding the intricacies of success. The total sum donated by the Soros name also dropped the investor’s financial net-worth down. He went to 20 percent of his wealth after releasing 80 percent of it to the Open Society Foundations. The final perspective, therefore, is impact.

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Rocketship Education Weighs In On The Educational Gap

Recently, published an article entitled, “How can we Find a Way to Narrow the Educational Gap? Rocketship Schools Weighs in” on their website. This article was loosely based off of the Rocketship Education, which is a Californian public charter school. In this article by Bethany Klein, educational matters are explored in depth and Rocketship Education is referenced several times.

They first discuss the San Jose floods this past February.

When many people’s San Jose homes were ruined by the flooding, the local Rocketship Education school assisted student’s families with temporary housing, financial assistance, clothing, food, and more. In this way, Rocketship shows how they give back to their community. It is also discussed how Rocketship Education runs over 20 schools in three states and also Washington D.C.

The article states that Rocketship Students are referred to as “Rockateers”.

And it also talks about parent’s opinions of how the school’s teaching improve their children’s lives and empowers them on their journey to educational success. They mention that Rocketship schools typically foster the child, parent, and school connection that gives students the edge they need to do well. Rocketship’s goal is for parents to become strong advocates for their children. Their support to both parents and children resonates in the quality of the learning environment.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith.

They are funded primarily by grants and are considered non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. Rocketship Education employees over 500 people and is based primarily out of Redwood City, California. They have a goal of eliminating the educational gap in this lifetime and have utilized revolutionary methods of technology in order to best teach their students and give them the best chance at future success. Rocketship is also strongly dedicated to their students and community as a whole.

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Lori Senecal Explains the Three Objectives of a Successful Advertising Campaign

Lori Senecal is known for being the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She is also known for heading Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. Lori Senecal has also headed the New York Office of Mccann Erickson, as well as their TAG Ideation Program. Lori Senecal has had a great career and has received many awards and recognitions in the media. Not only that, but many of the companies she has headed have achieved awards because of her.

When it comes to marketing, nobody can beat Lori Senecal. She is known for being a marketing and advertising genius. Here is some advice that businesses should take from Lori Senecal.

There are three things that you need to take into account as your goals when you run an advertising campaign. First of all, you need to make sure that your campaign reaches the right audience. You need to carefully select your audience. Second, you need to make sure that you have the right message that gets your point across. Finally, the message has to be such that it will motivate your audience to take action and do whatever you want them to do.

With social media advertising, all of this is possible. Facebook lets advertisers choose the audience that they want to show their ads to. Images are used in social media advertising campaigns, and they are truly important. Images can help you get the message across to your audience. The right image can direct the flow of the message. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true in advertising as well.

According to PRNewswire, brands are creating campaigns that help engage their viewers. Virtual reality is a hot trend. Any advertisement that features real humans is a great way to engage viewers. Videos can be set in the third dimension in order to get more engagement.

Lori Senecal studied at McGill University and received her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Advertising there. Lori has received many awards, such as being named as one of the most creative people in 2017 and being named as one of four of the top executives to watch in 2016. Check out her website


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Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund On The Daca Program Hazard

DACA which in full means the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival is a program that helps undocumented youth who meat a particular prerequisite to evade deportation. It also helps the child get the opportunity to work in the USA under a renewable contract viable in two years. The youths are also able to access a social security number. The program also allows these youth to access in-state-tuition fees. They can also acquire a driver’s license at some time. However, with all the good and apparent intentions of the DACA movement, there are still people who cannot stand the change.


In recent events, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton addressed President Donald Trump through a letter in regards to DACA program. They wanted a phasing off in which new implications of the movement were not a consideration, and the renewal of their policies would lack recognition also. The Attorney general got a backing from nine other Attorneys generals and a governor. There was later on a meeting held by the members of the Hispanic caucus and the secretary of homeland. The discussions that followed were in the state by which DACA movement was being jeopardized being legal cases that had been brought forward challenging the program.


DACA program has been able to change lives and make a positive impact that has helped both America and the foreigners in the program. DACA alumni make contributions worth millions of dollars to universities and colleges countrywide. For them, showing compassion and concern to the new people in the program helps in keeping the movement strong. Collected statistics show that over ninety percent of DACA beneficiaries are responsible citizens who work and study contributing to the betterment of the country. These individuals are high taxpayers since most of them have advanced to high levels of their education. They make a significant contribution to the growth of the economy of the country. Some of them have invested thousands of dollars in businesses which located within the state, and they have created job opportunities through these setups. Others have bought assets worth millions including homes in the country. The success of the program is evidently all over, and people are living and attesting to the success of DACA movement.


The Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund is one of the organizations that fully support and endorse the DACA movement. Lacey and Larking started the Lacey and Larking foundation. The two journalists arrested on unfair grounds and later aligned in court but the truth came out, and they made it out with a hefty monetary compensation which they choose to put on a right course. They assist in the fight to preserving DACA movement.


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OSI Group president, David McDonald


OSI Group is one of the global companies, which is making great strides ahead. The company has various branches in different parts of the world such as in United states, Europe as well as China. The company has a variety of amazing features making it grow fast. What are these features? OSI Group has an excellent global network as well as good local management teams. The local management team have a greater understanding of the cultures as well as tastes of their respective consumers enhancing the company’s growth. In this work, we will examine the OSI Group president, David McDonald.

David McDonald’s education and work background

David McDonald was awarded a bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa state university in 1987. He then began working with the OSI groups. He has worked in various capacities such as the project manager, member of company directors and he rose up to its president. He also serves at the American meat institute as the chairman of the board of directors. Moreover, he has been an independent director in Marfrig global foods S.A.

OSI group’s sustainability

One of the things he has done to improve the firms sustainability is enhancing the teamwork between the company’s in house team and managers in every region. The managers gather information about their local consumer’s tastes as well as cultures. They then share the data with the in house team who then manufacture the products that fit those preferences. It has greatly helped in enhancing sustainability as understanding the customers preference is the key thing in every business. He also engaged other manufacturers to assist in developing processes that will enhance food safety and quality. And also monitoring how the agricultural suppliers are growing their products. In the effort to improve the companies sustainability he has also announced the acquisition of Baho food company.

Acquisition of Baho food

In a bid to grow the OSI Group the president declared the acquisition of Baho food. A Dutch company, which manufactures, snacks among other foods. What does he has to say about it? McDonald says that the acquisition will greatly grow the business especially in Europe. And also he says that the workers of Baho food processing company have great expertise. Hence he is going to retain them as their experiences and expertise will help in enhancing the service delivery to the consumers.


President McDonald has greatly contributed to the growth of the OSI group and enhancing its sustainability. It is the leading processing company globally with branches in USA, Europe and china. It has operated in china for more than 20 years with their celebration in September 2012 marking 20 years since its inception in China.

His LinkedIn Profile:

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Fabletics Personal Shop Experience and Amazon Convenience

Most people take their fashion cues from celebrities and other well styled individuals. Kate Hudson has been an icon of high fashion for years. Since becoming the recognizable face and voice of Fabletics, Kate is emulated for her excellent fashion selections in athleisure wear. Fabletics has made a name in the women’s athletic attire market. Customers are becoming savvy and are demanding better garments for their money. Most fashion brands are either top quality for high prices, or low quality for the lower price tags. Kate Hudson found that trend unacceptable. She expects high quality clothing at affordable costs. This is the foundation of Fabletics ongoing and growing success.


The story of Fabletics is a promising one. This brand desires to give customers an unparalleled personal shopping experience. The brand came up with their quick and highly informative Lifestyle Quiz that is offered on their user friendly webpage. The customers answer smart short questions regarding their measurements, activity level, individual color preferences and clothing style likes. This smart computer system store all inputted data for future clothing recommendations every time a customer user logs onto the online store site. Consequently, customers discover that they are better able to pick clothing styles that suit their figure, and colors that match their unique complexions and hair colors.


This fun Lifestyle Quiz is not hard to do, and customers benefit in many ways. Instead of always choosing the wrong designs, colors and sizes, the stored personal preference data aids the customer in exceptionally individual shopping selections. The site will even bring up compatible inventory selections in a format that customers can easily purchase. The site will automatically ship the purchase directly to the customer. All of this customer data is used to stock the store inventory. This reverse showroom set up allows for a customer picked inventory that obviously sells better. The store may change their inventory stockpile multiple times when customer preferences change.


Along with innovative computerized shopping experiences that rival personal shops, Fabletics offer these services and terrific clothing options at little cost. There are often specials that allow customers to get to know the brand. It appears that this marketing strategy is paying off dramatically. Now, Fabletics line athleisure wear can be easily found on the huge marketing online platform known as Amazon. Sales are soaring, and Kate Hudson and partners are continuing to surprise business experts on fashion marketing.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

A video posted by @fabletics on

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Equities First Holdings

Equities work became one of the most innovative when it was using stock based loans, which gave them a more and more income. The first holdings for this started in early to mid 2002, at first the company was determined to offer lending to its consumers all over the world. For the last 14 years the branches for this company thicken and it was all because of these company overseas, it managed to receive a whopping 1.4 billion dollars.So of course this company keeps its momentum going and it soon becomes the largest bank leading all of the others in the dust.One of the companies overseas was London, one of the most major financial within the borders of Europe, many companies leading the market list their stocks within this giant company.They were collateral as per the agreement loan they signed for,which in turn showed Equities holdings it offers were a fixed interest.

Overall, These financial tool being used by the government offer a non-recourse in low cost of funds.

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