Ara Chackerian’s Passion for the Healthcare Industry

The Mental Health Month, also known as the mental health awareness month is a crucial time of the year where people with mental illnesses are recognized. It was first observed by the Mental Health America Organization in 1949. Various organizations around the world sponsor events and activities with the objective of educating, assisting and informing the public as well as stakeholders in the mental health community. You can still be part of this awareness even if you don’t know anyone working with the mental health community.


One of the ways you can help people with mental illnesses is by understanding how you can be of help to them. Studies reveal that African Americans are more prone to suffering from mental health issues more than other people in the world. It is advisable that you get professional help if you notice that someone has a mental health-related problem. It is also advisable to share your mental health problem with other people so that you can educate them. Besides, it is essential in letting others know that they are traveling the journey alone.


One of the hardest challenges people with mental illnesses face is criticisms and being put down by other people because of their situations. Notably, people should avoid using sayings and languages that make them feel weak or inferior. The other most important thing you have to do is to control your mental health rather than disregard it. After all, mental health is essential for the overall health. You can visit to see more.



About Ara Chackerian

Ara is a famous business person and philanthropist based in San Francisco, California. His interest in the environment is no secret, based on his focus, such as the Limonapa Teak. It focuses on the friendly use of agricultural practices to enhance the environment rather than spoiling it. The farm also offers hundreds of job opportunities to residents of the local community. Ara Chackerian recently ventured into TSM Health Solutions together with his longtime business partner. The venture aims at enhancing the care delivery model to place the needs and interests of a patient first before those of a physician. TSM Health Solutions is making positive progress, two years after its formation. The venture offers treatment rooms and consultancy services in its 3,000 square ft. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Graeme Holm and Helpful Debt Assistance

Graeme Holm is a trusted broker who works for Infinity Group Australia. He assists families in Australia who wish to attain financial glory. His team members help him with the process. Infinity Group Australia works tirelessly to aid families with the process of doing away with debt entirely. It helps them attain wealth. It even helps them figure out how to plan for financial wellness at later times. Infinity Group Australia relies on all sorts of methods as a means of accommodating its client base. It concentrates on in-depth preparations, first and foremost. It also concentrates on exhaustive assessments. Infinity Group Australia regularly advises clients to exclusively rely on cash for all kinds of purchases. The Infinity Group Australia team understands all too well the potential hazards of turning to credit card use on a regular basis.


Graeme Holm serves as Infinity Group Australia’s director. The company has a number of branches located in Australia. These branches are in Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cronulla and, last but not least, Bella Vista. Holm has significant experience within the large financial services industry as well. He’s been part of it for more than 17 fulfilling years at this point. He worked in a Big Four setting for his initial 10 years. He had an epiphany there, too. He realized that the vast majority of the clients he encountered had zero savings to their names. Holm teamed up with his significant other in 2013 to take serious action. Rebecca Walker is the name of this individual. The duo launched Infinity Group Australia at the time. They did so out of the wish to blend their loves of finance and assisting their fellow human beings.


Infinity Group Australia recommends that people rely solely on cash. It does so for a broad array of diverse reasons as well. The Infinity Group Australia crew thinks that credit cards just are excessively simple. Employing them can quickly get out of hand for people. It’s not hard for people to lose sight of their credit card activities. Infinity Group Australia also thinks that steering clear of credit cards assists individuals who wish to meticulously assess any and all of their purchases. The company’s team members think that it can minimize debt considerably.


Holm is an example of an individual who goes above and beyond to accommodate clients. His team members are a lot like him in this sense.

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Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone:

Randal Nardone is a successful man who has been able to achieve high level of success through out his career. He is the CEO and also the co founder of Fortress Investment. With this business venture he is a part of, he has been able to obtain high level of success and has been able to gain a lot of money as well. Randal Nardone is #557 on the billionaire list. This is a representation of how hard he has worked over the years and how his hard work has been paying off.

Randal Nardone always had the dream to be able to start a company of his own. He was always aware that this would be far from easy and that it would require a lot of hard work and dedication. He was also aware that there would be a lot of competition in this industry. He decided to go for it because he was c confident that his business would work out and be successful. He has enough knowledge and also experience in the finance world and knew what he was getting himself into. As the CEO of this company he has been able to help the company grow and has been able to guide it through the right direction as well.

The company is known for all of the services that they provide and all of the client satisfaction that they have had over the years. Randal Nardone is a person that is looked up to and admired for all of his hard work and his determination that he has invested into this company. His success has inspired many and his willingness to help out others has allowed many to reach success as well as reach their dreams. Randal Nardone plans on continuing to grow his company in the future.

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Wes Edens as One of the Founders of the Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Robert Edens or simply Wes Edens is one of the most recognized names in the business world today. He is a private equity investor and also has his own sports team in the NBA. Aside from being one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, he is also one of the founders of the top US financial company, the Fortress Investment Group. Wes Edens took up Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration in the Oregon State University in 1984. After that, he ventured into various roles in the business world, namely at the Nationstar Mortgage Holdings and the New Senior Investment Group. In both firms, he started working as the Chairman of the Board. In 2010, he became a Board Member of the Springleaf Holdings.Among his past jobs included becoming a partner and managing director at BlackRock, which started in 1993 and ended in 1997. Before that, he was also a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers, which concluded in 1993.

However, his most notable job is becoming one of the founders of the Fortress Investment Group, which was formed in 1998.Wes Edens worked as one of the principal partners of the Fortress Investment Group, along with Randal Nardone and Peter Briger Jr. among others. With their combined efforts, they established the company before the end of the 90s era. According to the Wall Street Journal, Wes Edens has a unique style in investing in which it is based on contrarian bets. He has a creative method and a knack that allowed him to build his companies through investments successfully.

Fortress was later to be traded in a buyout, which made it the first one to have the details of the procedure in public.It was in 2007 when the company was up for initial offers of almost 10% of its shares to the public, and the sale was completed in 2009. It turned the leaders of the firm into millionaires when it sold for $600 million. The assets of Fortress under the management involved both publicly traded ones and those that come from private equities. Just recently, a Japanese company acquired Fortress for a total of $3.3 billion. However, some sources state that the management from the inside remains the same. Wes Edens still holds one of the most critical positions in the company. After the acquisition, Fortress will operate as its own business under the Softbank Group.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Is A Successful Investment Advisor

Are you interested in investing, money management or wealth building? Want to secure your financial future?

Richard Dwayne Blair is a leading professional in the investing arena. Richard Dwayne Blair knows what it takes guide a beginner to success. Numerous people rave about the outstanding service and guidance he has provided to them.

If you’re considering investing or entrepreneurship, it means you are interested in achieving financial freedom. There are many resources that can help you accomplish that. It is always advisable to use a reliable resource to help improve your chances of success.

When it comes to investing, financial planning or related matters, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. In the beginning stages of starting a business or putting together an investment portfolio, many people do not know where to get help. They search online trying to find a professional who is well known for meeting his clients’ needs.

Richard has been catering to ambitious men and women who are focused on securing their future. He has excellent resources and great expertise in the investment arena. Whether you want to start saving money for retirement or you want to start investing for your children’s education, it is imperative to consult a reputable professional like Richard Dwayne Blair.

Becoming financially independent, or achieving investment success, is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work and knowledge to apply proven strategies. Consulting Richard Dwayne Blair is a major step to reaching your goal. Richard Dwayne Blair is well versed in financial planning and money management. He is also a successful investor and entrepreneur and can guide you in building your wealth. His investment company, Wealth Solutions, has helped numerous people achieve the success they desire.

Beginning and veteran investors alike benefit greatly from the expert advice and guidance provided by Richard Dwayne Blair. If you are interested in purchasing stocks, bonds or other securities, Richard Dwayne Blair has the expertise to guide you and ensure that you make the right decision. He can work with you to grow your investment portfolio.


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Alex Pall and The Genius Kind of Music Creation That Only Serious Artists Can Make

How can the people feel meaningful, fulfilled and happy in a world where there’s too much animosity, cruelty and pain? How can people cope with depression and sadness and anxiety? It may be argued by the listeners of the music of The Chainsmokers that one way of coping with such challenges would be to engage with the arts, to listen to music, to watch a film and to engage with what makes us feel alive. In the interview of The Chainsmokers’ Alex Pall with The Interview Magazine, listening to music is not just one way of coping with turbulent emotions. It can also be done by creating music.

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The Interview Magazine also revealed a lot about the active creative process of Pall, his adaptable writing skills, his admired reputation as an artist and the words itself of Pall that tell us how it is to live in the most inspiring way possible. Another thing that people learned from the interview is that the main goal these days of Pall and Taggart of The Chainsmokers is to make sure that they reveals themselves more in the work that they do, in the songs that they write and performances that they do in various places. Their music is also evolving and they want to make sure that each music they make envelops all the important parts of their personal lives today.


Pall also shared most of his personal life in the interview. He shared that he already as a young kid was so fascinated with the DJ life. It was his hobby to visit places and bars in New York and indulge in his love for EDM. He collaborated with other artists to arrange music that he would not have been able to do without their help and support. He also realized as a young kid that his life was already ingrained in dance music, so he might as well put his professional name and life in it.


The latest thing people can observe about Pall, too, today is that he is always pushing the boundaries of music. His music has already been authoritative in building a reputation for producing the kind of music that only serious artists can make.

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The Cryptocurrency Is Slowing Taking a New Shift Courtesy of Malcolm CasSelle

“Pay attention to the little things but don’t sweat the small stuff”. This is the advice that comes from the mouth of this renowned figure, Malcolm CasSelle whenever he is talking to the younger people who want to excel in life and those who want to follow in his steps. And to the entrepreneur, he emphasizes on the need to study widely, question where not clear, come up with strong relationships that will perhaps outlast you, and always liking what you doing.

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) and consequently the CIO of OPSkins. Just like many other successful people, he has a long history of where he started and the advice he gives now is as a result of what he has learned in his recession journey. He studied at MIT for Computer Science and later joined Stanford University for the Master’s Degree in the same field. He is well established in speaking Japanese and Mandarin languages.

Malcolm CasSelle started his career back in 1995 when he co-founded NetNoir where he also served as the Chief Technology Officer. Later he joined Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) in Hong Kong as the Senior Vice President and consequently as the Chief Executive Officer’s advisor. Later from 2006, he joined Capital Union Investments, Hong Kong as the Director. In addition, he has also served at Tencent as one of the top executives.

In 2012, Malcolm CasSelle became the CEO of Xfire, in 2013 CEO at MediaPass and Timeline Labs which he Co-founded in the same year. SeaChange acquired Timeline Labs hence serving as the SVP and General Manager. In 2016, he served Tribune Publishing as the Chief Technology Officer.

WAX was established as a result of deficiency and limitations that were realized in OPSkins which is a centralized platform. With OPSkins, virtual assets were distributed to relatively small crowd nevertheless; there was a lot of fragmentation and fraud in virtual assets. However, the problem of insecurity has been shuttered forever with the introduction of WAX. Besides, any game player can tokenize their assets, sell or buy them from anywhere globally. That’s means that WAX has eliminated geographical and currency limitations. Thanks to Malcolm.


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Academy of Art University Has its own Fashion Section

Fashion is highly recognized by Academy of Art University. As a matter of fact, Academy of Art University respects fashion so much that it has its own section for fashion. This section is called Fashion School Daily. This is one of the best aspects of this university. For one thing, it has a lot of news about the upcoming fashion artists from their university. They have a lot of passion and a good eye for different designs. They also have a style they like to bring to the masses. Any design from the elegant and respectable to the fun and flirty styles come from the students.

There are a ton of articles that have a lot of news about fashion events and awards that are won by the students or graduates. Given that a lot of designers that went to Academy of Art University tend to make it very far in their careers, it is important for people to understand what it is about this particular university. One thing that can help is that this university is well respected. Another factor is in the instruction. The instructors are very passionate and easy to understand as they talk about the different aspects of fashion. Therefore, the students are able to maintain a healthy level of engagement.

Given that fashion is being recognized as a method of self expression, more attention is being paid to fashion because people are looking for opportunities to express themselves with the new designs. Fortunately, everything about fashion can be read about on the Fashion School Daily section of the Academy of Art University website. This university has a lot of influence in the world of fashion from the colors to the fits and even feel of the clothing. Fashion is making a lot of progress because of the involvement of the university.


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Vinod Gupta Donates $1 Million to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic

Vinod Gupta, the self-made millionaire who created marketing mailers for the company he worked for with a $100 loan, recently donated $1 million to an all woman’s’ polytechnic school in India. Known as the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, the school gives women in India the power to obtain degrees, including postgraduate degrees, in 24 months.

Some of the fields that the school focuses on include computer applications, textile design, information technology and web design. Founded in 2000, the school focuses mainly on technology careers. Vinod Gupta also plans to build an all girl’s school in his hometown. He has allocated funds that will provide textbooks and buses to and from school. India’s past did not give women an equal opportunity to receive an education, so Gupta is looking to change societal norms.

Mr. Gupta attended school in a small town that is north of New Delhi. He later studied agricultural engineering at the Indian Institutes of Technology. Gupta then took his studies to the U.S., where he attended the University of Nebraska.

Upon graduation, he went to work as a marketing research analysts for the Commodore Corporation, which built mobile homes. He later founded American Business Information and turned it into a $500 million company. Later, he changed the company name to InfoUSA and turned it into a $650 million company. In 2010, Gupta sold the company for $680 million. After stepping down as chief executive of InfoUSA, he became the Everest Group’s managing general partner. He helps turnaround underperforming companies by providing them with venture capital and consulting services.

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Things You Need To Know About Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is an American Lawyer that was born in 1959. Jeff is the founder and managing partner of Herman Law and he focuses on helping people deal with sexual assault issues in the country. Throughout his career, Herman has shown passion and great determination towards his career. He has always served as the voice of all survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Jeff has highly been amended by a vast number of people for his major contributions towards advocating for the rights of the affected individuals in the society and his ability to bring justice to them.

Due to Jeff`s ability to offer justice to victims of sexual abuse, he has gained a great reputation in the United States and as a result, he has also emerged to be the most sought out attorney. Since the beginning of his career, Jeff has successfully represented over a thousand victims of sexual; abuse with an aim of helping them regain their self-esteem as well as justice. He has shown a great dedication towards his work and he has been profoundly amended for it.

Jeff believes that for an attorney to be successful in their work, they must be good listeners. He encourages all lawyers to pay close attention to their clients and ensure that they acquire enough information regarding their issues before deciding on the ways they will represent them. Additionally, Jeff has always strived to maintain a close relationship with his clients and he strives to make them comfortable regardless of the nature of their cases.

Jeff gained his passion for the law from the various experiences that people shared with him and he has since the beginning of his career, strived to ensure that each of his clients achieves justice. He works closely with his team of employees with an aim of coming up with the best strategy to employ while representing his clients in the court of law. He has shown great expertise in his work through his notable ability to point out red flags as well as support each of his claims with facts.

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