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Ryan Kavanaugh has been in the news for various reasons over the last few years, but what is he up to now? That’s what this article will be exploring. Ryan Kavanaugh has had a very successful career as an entrepreneur and producer, with films like The Social Network and I Am Legend under his belt. He also made headlines when he became involved in the Triller fight that happened earlier this year. This article will explore how these events have changed his life and what could be next for him.

– Ryan Kavanaugh acted as an executive producer for the Social Network film, which was nominated for eight Academy Awards.

– He also founded Relativity in 2004 and has served as its CEO since then.

– Kavanaugh has been in the news lately for his involvement with Triller. The fight was between two former employees of Relativity, which he no longer runs., but they were both claiming to be still owed money by the company.

– He is now CEO of Lantern Entertainment, a production and film distribution company created after bankruptcy.

– His first film with Lantern was the documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. The film had a successful opening weekend but has not been doing well since then.

– Ryan Kavanaugh is now focusing on getting more projects through his company under his belt before attempting another big bid for one of the major movie studios.

– In 2015, he became involved with Triller Haus, a video-sharing website that creates short videos using songs without proper licensing.

– In 2017, a fight broke out at the W Hotel in Westwood between Kavanaugh and Triller Haus producers over music rights that ended with him being punched in the face by San Francisco rapper Mistah FAB.

– This article will explore how these events have changed his life and what could be next for him.

– In 2018, Kavanaugh was sued by a former business partner for fraud and breach of contract.

– The lawsuit alleged that Relativity Media had been falsely claiming to have made a $30 million investment in a water technology company called WaterFX when the actual amount was closer to $11 million.