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IM Academy is an educational platform that was founded to train students on forex education. The academy provides e-learning resources that students can learn with to enhance their skill. The academy’s mission is to empower students into living a better life through learning forex education. It believes that forex trading skills can change any one’s lives if they are utilized appropriately.

Formed by Trading Experts

IM Academy began in New York City from the idea of two former traders. Christopher Terry, a self-established wealthy businessman had more than twenty years of experience as a forex and currency trader. He had started the trade in the late 90s. He learnt the trade and soon enough became an excellent trader. Trading gave him the lifestyle and economic freedom he desired. In 2013, he partnered with his wife, Isis De La Torre to start IM Academy.

Works as an Only Digital Education Platform

The academy was opened in New York City in July 2013. The founders had the goal to ensure that such education was accessed by students across the globe. Isis De La Torre, the chief financial officer, gathered all the academy’s resources to focus on tailor making for online learning.

The academy’s information is set up on its website. The website has been structured to accommodate interested and active learning students. The academy has structured its learning to happen through use of videos and live online sessions. The videos are available on the academy’s website. They are pre-recorded to ensure that students can easily access them. The GoLive sessions have been structured to take place depending on students’ location. This set up was made to ensure both working and unemployed students are catered for.

Offers Business Opportunity

Students are introduced to the academy’s existence through other students or through sales representatives. The sales representatives work through commission to spread the word on the academy’s resources. The more the number of students a sales representative brings in, the more the commission. Visit this page to learn more.


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