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According to various research studies carried out on the brain of a person, it is possible to increase one’s capability. This means that individuals can easily do more than what they are currently demonstrating. This is something that a huge number of people do not know because they do not have any experience in handling such complex issues and they have not been involved in dealing with such aspects of the brain.

However, as a learning institution, ClassDojo seems to have acquired sufficient details and information that it has been using to address most of the mental aspects of the kids. That is why this institution has been doing everything necessary to ensure that kids do more than what they are currently doing. This is because their brain is like a muscle, and it is bound to expand as they continue to handle some of the complex issues facing them.

The only problem is that ClassDojo cannot manage to accomplish the aspect of expanding the mind alone. There needs to be a huge role for other individuals who are staying with the kids at home because it is very clear that most of them can actually be very important in ensuring that they are providing some essential data and information that has been lacking in some of the essential areas and other opportunities.

ClassDojo has always been seen as an organization that wants parents to play a central role in the growth and development of their kids. That is why this organization has been doing everything possible to make sure that parents are highly urged to make sure they are addressing some of the essential aspects that can help such kids to grow their brains. Ensuring that such kids are always given some complex tasks to handle will go a long way in expanding their brains.

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