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DSI company is recognized for its provision in cloud inventory products across the globe. Recently it just announced its plans to offer integration of its field inventory with a platform for Salesforce Customer relationship management. This integration will enable salesforce clients to implement several applications on field inventory management.

For proper optimization of the field services of Salesforce, DSI has decided to offer integration of applications of its field inventory management for salesforce clients. Field Inventory Management contains applications that can be accessed using a mobile device. These applications enable salesforce clients to give service orders and keep track of both stock and tools, including the labor involved. These applications inform the users of the condition and location of these tools and inventory in real-time.

Cloud inventory launched the use of a new website for Manufacturing Materials. There is additional visibility and originality of the supply chain through cloud inventory in every section of the supply chain. The website on manufacturing materials mainly focuses on cloud inventory manufacturing solutions that offer full-time visibility, and as a result, client needs are fully met. The website designated for manufacturing materials reduces any chances of disrupting workflow and providing real-time data access.

Warehouse Inventory has provided several improvements in inventory control systems. The productivity rate in the warehouse has increased, and labor expenses significantly reduced. It has also enabled inventory optimization, including an increase in the number of inventories turns which was possible due to accurate tracking of stock in all operational areas. As a result of warehouse inventory, there has been an increase in adherence to the stipulated standards and regulations. This has been possible through process controls and real-time data capture. There has also been an additional generation of revenue which, as a result, has enabled accurate shipping and extra client satisfaction.

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