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Frances Townsend has held top governmental offices, alongside being the United States Executive vice president for Corporate Affairs. She’s the intelligent woman behind the smooth operation of the United States Communications and Public Policy sectors. She was crowned the Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary in March 2021.

She’s Activision Blizzard’s current Executive Vice President, mandated with handling Corporate Affairs. Before her current position, Townsend served under Clinton and Bush’s administrations under the bracket of the US Justice Department. She was once the Bush’s assistant for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. As a matter of fact, Frances Townsend was a key brain behind the robust al-Qaida’s terrorism attack counterattack plans.

The iron lady was hardcore since she was a kid. At age 11, she attempted to disguise herself as a boy to serve as an altar boy. Her success was, however, short-lived as the catholic fathers caught her. Townsend studied B. A in political science and B.S. in psychology from the American University. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from the San Diego Law School. Frances Townsend is not only successful as a career woman but also as a mother and wife. She’s the wife to John Michael Townsend, a renowned attorney in New York. Townsend is a proud mom of two boys, who she has watched grow since they were toddlers.

Townsend is also a successful philanthropist who has engaged in multiple charity works and completed dozens of charity projects. She’s currently a board member of non-profit organizations such as the Center for Strategic & International Studies and the Atlantic Council. Townsend is the Co-Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, where she chairs the independent task force mandated to prepare for future pandemics.

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