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Haroldo Jacobovicz is a civil engineer who has shown great interest in the world of information technology. In Brazil, Haroldo is considered one of the highly regarded suppliers of the telecommunication network. He deals in fiber networks and advancement in tools. Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of Horizons Datacenter, which is 2020, had set in motion enhancement of cloud capabilities and connectivity to various institutions. Horoldo Jacobovicz admits that his career path has been full of challenges. Apart from Horizons Datacenter, he invented the e-Governe Group and also Horizons Telecom. Each of the companies Haroldo has invented has played a significant role in offering solutions to difficulties in the sector of Information Technology. These companies have unified talents and utilize great resources.

As one of the people working in the industry fueled by analytical data, Haroldo Jacobovicz perceives himself as an instinctual being with an extraordinary mind. He tends to see potential in even the tiny things, which is one reason behind being potentially innovative. Even though within him is the spirit of an entrepreneur, sometimes Haroldo seeks advice from people in the business to better comprehend ideas. Being the intuitive type he is, Haroldo Jacobovicz decided to make an investment in the first Hard Rock Café’ in the year 2013 in Brazil. When the initial investors had a change of heart on the project, Haroldo took the initiative to employ a team that would see that the project was completed.

It is Haroldo’s passion to apply technical solutions in the world of Info0rmation Technology, including businesses. By assisting entrepreneurs through the business solutions, he offers and boosting people’s living standards, Haroldo gets the satisfaction he needs from life. Haroldo’s parents were civil engineers. From a young age, he always saw his parents develop structures and from this is where he drew his inspiration from. Jacobovicz also developed a habit of carrying out research especially involving Information Technology and more