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Kfir Gavrieli has made a name for himself in the fashion shoe industry. Based in Los Angeles, Mr. Gavrieli runs and operates a fashion shoe company known as Tieks as the CEO and founder.

For the last 11 years, Tieks has been providing its services to its customers through an online platform; it is the only fashion company to exist purely online. Tieks remakes and sells certain types of ladies’ shoes that are comfortable, durable, portable and foldable, and extremely high quality.

The foldable ladies’ shoes are made of Italian leather, providing long-lasting capability. As a Stanford University graduate, Kfir Gavrieli has successfully achieved his goals and achievements through Tieks. As a leader and entrepreneur, Kfir states that his big success has come from maintaining a strong work ethic and creating future business plans and ideas. Mr. Gavrieli also recognized his parents as his biggest heroes in entrepreneurship.

Kfir Gavrieli is a degree holder of three certified degrees from the University of Stanford including, a BA degree, MBA, and MS degrees. Other than being an entrepreneur, Kfir is also a Philanthropist. He has created a non-profit organization known as Gavrieli Foundation that provides financial support to women globally, entrepreneurs, or those who wish to venture into entrepreneurship. The Gavrieli Foundation has raised millions of microloans to entrepreneurial women through a global lending organization known as KIVA.

According to KIVA, the Gavrieli Foundation has obtained more than 10,000,000 million dollars of microloans, making it the official largest KIVA’s leading company in the organization’s history. Kfir Gavrieli’s career began when he ventured into several business industries, including real estate, technological industries, hedge funds, and venture capitalism.

Mr. Gavrieli recently began a campaign that involves the sewing of face masks to help curb the COVID-19 virus and ensure the Los Angeles healthcare workers are well protected from the virus. Go to this page on LinkedIn, for additional information.


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