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Forex trading doesn’t have to be hard. Most people learn the process naturally, taking risks in the beginning and hoping that they will see results down the line. There are a few problems with this learning strategy. A person may never understand the fundamentals of Forex trading this way, only seeing profits when they get lucky on trades. One online school, IM Academy, intends to make it easy for people to learn the basics of Forex trading.

About IM Academy

IM Academy is divided into four distinct sections. These are called the FRX Academy, the HFX Academy, the DCX Academy, and the ECX Academy. Each academy teaching a different aspect of trading.

The company was originally founded in 2013 by two Forex experts. With a vision to provide professional level information to its users, Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre finely crafted their online school. The academy uses a subscription model and has gained nearly a quarter million subscribers during its time in operation.

IM Academy takes a modernized approach to business too. Employees are strictly remote work. This means that savings from not requiring office space and other real estate is passed onto the students. The academy offers an affordable way for new investors to learn the basics of Forex trading without losing a fortune on the market.

goLive Sessions

goLive sessions are extras that are included with each subscription. They are interactive sessions that allows students to learn directly from real people.

Each segment of each course has a quiz at the end that will not let students pass to the next level until passed. The goLive sessions are a more hands-on experience. Each one lasts about an hour and enables students to ask questions, discuss possibilities, and learn directly from a Forex educator. See related link to learn more.


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