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As the company’s founder and CEO, Jason Hughes runs Hughes Marino. His business, Hughes Marino, helps clients who expand their businesses nationally by offering services, including buyer and renter representation. San Diego is where Jason Hughes’ business is based. The business is also involved in buying, leasing, and managing construction projects.


The company has a history of providing exceptional service to its clients’ needs in leasing restructuring. Jason Hughes has played an ownership position for more than three decades. Jason Hughes holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University.


The University of San Diego awarded the CEO Jason Hughes a graduate degree as well. He built a career in commercial buyer representation using the skills he learned while earning his MBA. Jason’s studies were not limited to the classroom; he also used his knowledge of the outer world.


Hughes has raised his educational bar in the following institutes:


Before the establishment of Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes started his career in Los Angeles, working for Cushman & Wakefield. After years of toiling in the job market, he returned to San Diego, where he was raised. Jason Hughes and his wife, Shay Hughes, have consistently been steadfast in their commitment to serving tenants and buyers in the planning and design management.

They have spent thirty years serving as advisors and implementing portfolio leases for enterprises, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. Because of his knowledge, CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes has always been a role model, and viewers of his presentations are eager to learn from him. His article was released as an industry professional.