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What does it take to be ranked among the best of the best? Laura McQuade has a solid answer to that question. She’s considered one of the most powerful women in all of New York. It’s easy to see why that’s the case when we look into her professional life.

McQuade is leading the expansion of Planned Parenthood throughout New York. Saying that this is a critical time for Planned Parenthood would be an understatement. With Title X funding in danger and abortion bans in many states it’s clear why Planned Parenthood is more important than ever.

McQuade is heading a union between five different affiliates who will join into a singular whole. The will result in the Planned Parenthood of Greater New York. And the budget for this expansion shows why McQuade has so much respect. She’d juggling a budget of about $110 million for its first year.

The project’s impressive budget comes with impressive results. It’s going to consist of 28 different health centers. On top of this, the centers plan to serve about 200,000 patient visits every year. How can the project handle such a strong case load? The answer comes down to 900 well educated and passionate employees.

Of course this is only the start for McQuade. She’s earned her title as one of the most powerful women in New York for good reason. As she pushes the project further it will continue to open more doors for the people most in need. It’s clear that McQuade is going to be able to do a lot of good for a great number of people.