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Mohammad Khattab started working at Precision M.D. when he was 17 years old. He has worked there ever since to provide cosmetic surgery services to patients all over the United States. Precision M.D. provides everything from eyelid lifts, facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentation, and butt implants – the list goes on! In 2006, the company launched its website and began marketing itself online. Not long after, Precision M.D. became one of the top cosmetic surgical practices in the country. In 2008, the practice opened an office in New York City and later expanded internationally.

For Khattab, studying at Case Western was a dream come true. Here, he met several medical doctors and surgeons that inspired him to pursue his passion for cosmetic surgery. He had always wanted to help others feel great about themselves, just like those doctors did when they operated on patients. After graduating from Case Western, Khattab decided to return to school to further his education, returning to the University of Damascus in 2012. He enrolled in a program at the American University of Beirut Medical School to become a doctor specializing in plastic surgery. During this time, Khattab worked full-time at a local hospital while continuing to take classes online.

After starting his medical practice in 2007, Khattab knew he wanted to expand. He worked hard to find a suitable location for his growing company — something he had never done before. His first office was in a rented office at a small clinic in Alexandria. Then, in 2011, Khattab decided to start looking at other options. “We had two offices,” Khattab says. “We were sitting there, and we realized this is not going anywhere. We need to move somewhere else and get bigger.”

Khattab saw an opportunity as soon as he got involved in blockchain technology. He knew that if he were going to invest money in space, it would be an attractive place to invest because of its potential. The company raised $1 million through a Series A funding round, bringing the total amount invested to date at roughly $2.5 million. Read more by visiting at: