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Many pundits say that what we are missing in this country are more mission driven companies and fewer that only care about profits. Posigen is a solar power company with locations in Louisiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Mississippi, Florida and Pennsylvania. Posigen has the distinction of being very mission driven and using its vision to advance the use of solar power. 


The mission of Posigen is to make a difference in communities through the use of solar power. They focus their efforts in low to moderate income areas so that these communities can have access to solar power


They have four core areas of focus. They are:

  1. Make a positive impact on the families with whom they work
  2. Provide job opportunities for the residents of the areas they serve
  3. Support the communities they serve including those that are low income and include people of color
  4. PosiGen strives to make a difference in the environment in ways small and large

Posigen began in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana and in a short period of time has made a huge impact in all of the areas in which it operates. Proving the point that sometimes in the wake of a tragedy, something good can result. Posigen believes more in the power of solar than its corporate profits and in today’s corporate world that makes it unique and very special.