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Jason Hughes is a respected entrepreneur whose fame connects to representing commercial tenants. He is the owner and CEO of a leading company named Hughes Marino. The company has provided leasing services for many years in San Diego, where its headquarters exist. Jason Hughes states that clients looking to procure or develop commercial properties have found significant help at the institution. As the industry’s pioneer, the company has earned Jason great honor from the community for the last three decades of services. 


Education overview 

Jason Hughes attended Pepperdine University, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. He later joined the University of San Diego to pursue a second degree. 


The business mogul was ready to launch a lucrative career with academic qualifications, representing the commercial tenants in his hometown. CEO and serial entrepreneur Jason Hughes´experience and commitment to his career have earned him significant respect from his clients and international followers. 


Serving for over three decades presents him as a successful and resilient entrepreneur with an incomparable measure of patience. He is an experienced author with dozens of published educational articles. Jason Hughes believes in the power of giving, making him a devoted philanthropist who devotes his wealth to fighting all forms of child abuse. 


The entrepreneur has built his experience through serving the leasing industry for several years. CEO Jason Hugheslived in Los Angeles, serving at Cushman & Wakefield before relocating to San Diego to start his company. Since founding his company, Hughes Marino, the business leader, has worked with his wife to grow it to its present state. The duo boasts of serving high-profile clients, including municipal, corporate institutions, and charity organizations.