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The successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Sudhir Choudhrie received a second chance in life 21 years ago. His fantastic story started in India when his mother took him for his first complete medical exam at eight. After checking his heart and lungs, the doctor discovered the youngster had a rare disorder that made his heart skip beats because of a leaking valve. The diagnosis meant that his heart could stop beating at any time. The heart condition made the boy develop a tendency to many infections due to his heart condition.

Sudhir Choudhrie didn’t allow his leaky heart valve prone to give out at any minute to hold him back. He founded Magnum Trading Company Ltd, a company that focuses on exploring and expanding the export market of India, in 1975. He later worked with Adidas AG and Taj Hotels and Resorts in 1995. Sudhir Choudhrie then joined Ebookers PLC as a Non-Executive Director from 1999 to 2005. The renowned business leader invested in Air Deccan, the first budget airline in India, which grew to become a major airline within five years. During the years, his heart gave out on him two times. The doctors recommended him a heart transplant, but he wasn’t ready at the time. He eventually collapsed after a demanding work schedule and months of deteriorating health. He couldn’t delay any longer as his heart was giving out, and he urgently needed a heart transplant.

When he was 50 years old, Sudhir Choudhrie’s heart started failing, and he was expected to die within a few hours as his life was dependent on a heart transplant. His brother had died two years before while awaiting such a transplant, but in the 23rd hour, Choudhrie found a new heart. He got a match from a 20-year-old who died in a motorcycle accident in the Midwest United States. The compassion and far-sightedness of the young man’s family to save another life through their son’s heart gave him another chance in life and for more [email protected]Anita Choudrie: Why are Paralympians excluded from the main Olympics?