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Direct selling, also known as direct sales, is a term used to describe a business model that features the sale of products, services and opportunities. Direct selling company such as QNET has been around for many years and has contributed significantly to the economy worldwide.

Direct selling contributes more than $35 billion annually to the economy in the United States alone.

Marketing in direct selling can be categorized into three mainly;

  1. Single-Level Marketing
  2. Party Plan Marketing
  3. Multi-Level Marketing
  4. Single-Level Marketing

Single-Level Marketing is a distribution channel that involves using a direct seller and customer relationship to promote or sell a product or service. In Single-Level Marketing, there is only one prevailing buying/selling price for the product, making it similar in some ways to retail business.

  1. Party Plan Marketing

In Party Plan Marketing, sellers can sell or offer for sale products to other individuals who are not in the business. They can do so at a price set by the company without affecting the prevailing price.

  1. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a distribution channel that uses a direct seller and customer relationship to promote or sell a product or service. It is similar to Single-Level Marketing but has multiple selling levels without affecting the prevailing price.

Why Direct Sellers Succeed?

Direct sellers choose direct selling over the traditional route of working for a corporation because they want more freedom in their lives and are willing to work extra hours to achieve their goals.

There are many reasons why QNET direct sellers succeed:

  1. Work flexible hours and be your boss.
  2. Get paid for your time with no payroll taxes or overhead.
  3. Start a business with minimal money or start with equipment typically given away for free.
  4. Work from home and anywhere else you choose.
  5. Sell a product that provides you with more satisfaction and monetary rewards than any other work option available.
  6. Enjoy working for yourself, feeling good about what you’re doing, and making your own decisions every day.

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