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The pandemic has caused economic disruption and resulted in the loss of livelihoods, growing unemployment rates, and dwindling healthcare supplies. Countries globally are devising new ways daily to return to normalcy by lifting restrictions, promoting vaccinations, and providing incentives to businesses. Although these efforts have helped most countries experience some economic growth, the second and third waves of the pandemic threatened to make things worse. Therefore, foundations and well-wishers across the globe have decided to pull their resources and ensure a significant impact is realized.

Vinod Gupta is among the successful businesspersons globally that have decided to donate to help in their nation’s relief efforts. Mr. Gupta is an investor whose philanthropic philosophy is simple and relatable. He believes that everyone comes and leaves this world with nothing. Therefore, it is only logical to share your wealth with society once you pass away.

An article entitled “Obligation Meets Opportunity: Vinod Gupta’s Philosophy on Philanthropy”, Gupta talks about how Gupta’s philosophy is simple and echoes core principles seen in effective altruism. His passion for access to education is both personal and professional.

In 1991, Vinod Gupta set up an institution called Vinod Gupta School of Management through a donation of $2 million. The school was designed to provide technical and leadership education to fresh graduates. In 2006, Mr. Gupta set aside $2 million to establish the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law to train intellectual property lawyers.

Gupta’s passion for education is not only professional but also personal. The entrepreneur established Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation to ensure his donations enhance access to quality education. Since Mr. Gupta grew up and studied in a challenging environment, he understands the challenges those from poor backgrounds experience.

Therefore, he snapped into action during the global crisis of 2020 to help those from poverty-stricken communities to access education and other necessities. Read this article to learn more.

Mr. Gupta feels that his philanthropic efforts are a personal obligation and a chance to give back to the community that helped him become successful. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in agricultural engineering. Vinod Gupta has worked at Everest Group as a chairperson and managing general partner since 2008. He ensures the private equity firm realizes successful business transactions, mergers, and acquisitions.


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