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James Gutierrez was born in Panama but raised in a poor neighborhood of NYC. In 2001, Gutierrez started working at a subsidiary of Wells Fargo. He quickly climbed positions to become among the youngest Regional VP’s at the time. While working at Wells Fargo, Gutierrez’s values and perspective of the community greatly impacted his career trajectory.

James was exposed to systemic issues that deeply resonated with his compassionate drive to address these issues. It became a lifelong mission for James Gutierrez to help improve the financial lives of low-income communities. As a founding member of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention and rehabilitation organization in Los Angeles, James Gutierrez and his wife Katariina founded LALA Charitable Foundation. LALA Charitable Foundation is an organization that seeks to fill the gap in bridging the wealth gap. LALA Charitable Foundation’s mission is to deliver multi-dimensional support to achieve the vision of ending extreme poverty.

James Gutierrez envisions a world where everyone has access to basic human needs and wants. His vision for achieving this goal has guided his achievements to attain goals in the financial industry. James started his career as an advocate for low-income families as a legal intern at a law firm. There he was exposed to and directly involved in the struggles of these individuals, and he was eager to get involved with the people who needed his help the most.

In 2012, he founded the East LA Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable economic opportunities to low-income residents through community-based partnerships. Over the past five years, the ELCDC has created and financed over $5M in affordable housing opportunities in Los Angeles. Additionally, the ELCDC has developed a micro-business lending program to foster small business development in East Los Angeles.

Whether a natural-born leader or someone pushed into the leadership role, James Gutierrez identifies their empowerment as a platform for social justice. He began to establish his personal financial foundation at the age of 18. As a first-generation college student who had a limited means of saving, he was exposed to the industry of student lending.

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