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Born on 17th July 1986, Carlos, Beirao da Veiga is among Portugal’s most successful marketing consultants. In addition to his hard work and dedication, his success has also been influenced by his parents. His father worked in a significant Portuguese soft drink company as a marketing executive, while his mother was a business professor.

He loved school and started showing academic excellence from a young age. After finishing high school in Portugal, he went to California, joined UCLA, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communications as one of the top 10% in his class.

During his time in college, Carlos Beirao da Veiga started making connections and networks that would benefit him later. People around him named him a social butterfly who could converse with everybody. Immediately after college, he landed an internship in a media company, during which he gained popularity among clients and collogues for being one of the most dependable people.

He then decided he wanted to further his studies and moved back to Portugal to pursue a master’s degree and be closer to his family. He got accepted into the University of Aveiro, where he graduated with a marketing master’s degree, again among the top 10% in his class.

While in school, he realized he wanted to open his business instead of working for other companies. He started learning more about the business aspect of marketing, including how businesses get and maintain clients while meeting their expectations.

After finishing his master’s program, he moved to the Lisbon border, where he founded Da Veiga Consulting to change Portuguese media. The company specializes in traditional, social media, and digital marketing. Thanks to the connections he had created in school and during his internship, his firm did not take long to thrive.

Carlos Beirao da Veiga offers marketing services to local and global customers through his company. He has become popular in the marketing industry for his creative campaigns with texts and images that attract clients and leave an unforgettable statement.