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Many things have changed over the COVID 19 Pandemic era. People have adopted new ways of life, which has affected how industries operate. Various industries embraced the working from home model to work smoothly despite the emergency containment measure designed to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Though most industries have suited many groups and generations, it has been hard to understand and incorporate Generation Z (Gen z), born between 1995 and 2000.

The Gen Z members are versatile and highly advanced in technology. They got hooked on social media during the pandemic as this was the best way to share, communicate, and entertain themselves after the imposition of containment measures and lockdowns across the world. It has been a challenge to most industries, but Yubo has beaten all odds and proven otherwise. It’s among the best and most credible platforms for connecting singles and has been operational since 2012.

Yubo allows people to message and arrange meet-ups in real-time freely without any commitments. It has at least 3 million downloads globally. The app can’t be beaten when it comes to connecting people and helping them get their perfect match. Dating apps have evolved over the past few years. People used to view them as a way of getting a one-night stand but have realized that they are good when searching for serious relationships.

Yubo has gained popularity as it prioritizes the Gen Z values such as authenticity, inclusivity, and self-expression. For instance, it has an inclusive gender option that allows users to identify themselves as male, female, or non-binary. The option enables users to craft their profiles and share photos and videos without any restrictions. This app is the best option if you are after Gen Z friendly dating app. Its users feel appreciated and supported in their identity.

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